Zorro Reboot Casts Flashpoint's Kiersey Clemons

Flashpoint actress Kiersey Clemons has officially signed on to star in the upcoming Zorro reboot, currently titled Z. The titular vigilante was last seen in theaters being portrayed by Antonio Banderas, who donned the character's signature mask and sombrero cordobés in both the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro and its sequel, 2005's The Legend of Zorro. Although the character hasn't graced the big screen since, it certainly wasn't for lack of trying.

An updated take on the swashbuckling hero has been in the works for years. 2012 alone saw two different Zorro projects enter development, both a USA Network series as well as a futuristic reboot of the sword-wielding hero known as Zorro Reborn, although both eventually fizzled out. Several other iterations have been attempted since, but once Gravity screenwriter Jonás Cuarón signed on to direct his own Zorro reboot in February of 2016 and tapped Gael García Bernal to star, it seemed like Don Diego de la Vega would be returning to theaters in short order.

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Though nearly two years have passed since Bernal was cast, it's finally looking like Cuarón's film is back on track. Variety is reporting that Kiersey Clemons, best known for her work in the 2015 indie hit Dope, has signed on to co-star in Z. We don't know much more about her role other than that, although Variety's report does confirm that the film will take place in the near future. It looks like this will be a very different Zorro than fans are used to seeing.

Since breaking out in Dope, Clemons has gone on to appear in the Amazon series TransparentNeighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and that Flatliners reboot that absolutely no one saw. Screen Rant readers probably know her best for the role she hasn't really played, however -- that of Iris West in the DCEU. After being cast to play the Flash's longtime love interest in mid-2016, Clemons' take on West was supposed to be introduced in last fall's Justice League, though her cameo was eventually cut from the film.

This led to rumors that Warner Bros. was looking to recast the role, rumors that have been neither confirmed nor denied in the months since. Much like the Zorro reboot, the Scarlet Speedster's solo movie (known as Flashpoint) also seems to be back on track now that the project has finally settled on its directors. Whether or not Clemons' casting in Z will have any impact on her role in Flashpoint remains to be seen.

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