Zootopia Parodies 2017's Oscar Movies With Posters

Zootopia - Nick and Judy

After a long process that spanned several months, this year's Hollywood awards season is almost at an end. Many of the Oscar precursors have already handed out their trophies, and the Academy Awards will officially close the book this Sunday, February 26. Though there are some obvious frontrunners that are expected to do quite well (La La Land, for instance), the ceremony itself is an opportunity to look back at the movies of 2016 and commemorate all the ones that stood out and reminded viewers why they go to the theater.

Of course, honoring certain titles could involve some good-natured ribbing, and not even the most acclaimed drama is above receiving a well-meaning parody or two. This year's Oscar nominees have already been hit with "honest" posters that poke fun at the basic premise of the various projects, and now some more humorous one-sheets have emerged. Best Animated Feature contender Zootopia has offered its spin on some of the live-action films that are in the running in other categories.

The spoof posters, which obviously lean heavily on animal puns, were released as exclusives to THR. You can check them out in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Zootopia 2017 Oscar Spoof Posters" id="906419"]

It's apparent there was a lot of thought and effort put into designing these, as everything from the movie's actual title to the names of its stars are filtered through the Zootopia lens. Fans should have a good time debating which one is best, but some standout ones include "Jag Jylenhaal" in Nocturnal Mammals and Hogsaw Ridge (which comes from the director of Bravehog). That said, all of these are highly amusing and worth a laugh. Many cinephiles would probably be up for seeing Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps sing their way through La La Lamb or rob banks for a good cause in Hell or High Otter.

As stated above, Zootopia is one of the nominees for Best Animated Feature this year, and it has an excellent chance of winning the award. Disney Animation's blockbuster wasn't just a massive box office hit, it also earned near-unanimous critical acclaim. People praised it for its smart, progressive story and creative world-building. Though Zootpia faces stiff competition from other films such as Kubo and the Two Strings and fellow Disney release Moana, it's already picked up some noteworthy awards on the circuit to date (including the Golden Globe), so it's definitely one of the favorites to bring home Oscar gold this weekend.

The Oscars will be televised Sunday, February 26 on ABC.

Source: THR

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