Zoolander 2 Writer Says Project Is Still Moving Forward

You may have heard the news/rumors floating around as of late that Zoolander 2 has hit some financial trouble. Following the news that Anchorman 2 had come up against similar trouble, Ben Stiller Tweeted the following about Zoolander 2:

"Ron Burgundy and Derek Zoolander looking to appear in sequels. Both men destitute, without means or intellect to fund their own comebacks."

Although not definite confirmation of financial troubles, it still didn't look good.

But fear not, Zoolander fans! There is hope to cling to as according to Justin Theroux (Iron Man 2) - who was previously reported to be writing Zoolander 2 alongside Stiller - the sequel is still moving forward. Here's what he told Movieline:

"Today and yesterday I was with Ben, and today, we continued to break story... I have not gotten word from anyone to put pencils down, so I am continuing as though we are proceeding with that film."

You'd think that if the project really was in any sort of trouble the studio would tell the screenwriter to, you know, stop writing. Or maybe it is in trouble and Paramount is just letting Theroux and Stiller continue to write so that they have a script if and when financing is secured.

However, going on the assumption that what Theroux is saying is true, why on earth did Stiller Tweet something hinting at financial worries? Apparently Theroux doesn't know:

"I wish I could answer that! Honestly, I don’t know... You’d have to ask Ben. I have no clue what those things mean. I’ve heard them, too. We’re operating as though it’s absolutely going."

Zoolander - Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell as Mugatu

Moving on from the question of whether the project is still moving forward or not, Theroux did confirm some previous reports about who was (possibly) going to be in the movie. He confirmed that Owen Wilson is expected to return as male model Hansel and that Jonah Hill will be the film's main villain. Sadly, there's no confirmation yet on whether or not Will Ferrell will return as the hilarious villain, Mugatu.

I'm already planning on selling my soul to make sure that latter part comes true...

What do you make of all this: Do you reckon Zoolander 2 is in financial trouble? Or do you believe Theroux that the project is still a-go?

Source: Movieline (via Cinemablend)

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