'Zoolander 2' Begins Filming & Gets an Official 2016 Release Date

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announce Zoolander 2 filming start

Recalling how Will Ferrell announced Anchorman 2 in character as Ron Burgundy on Conan, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have reprised their Zoolander characters - (former) male fashion models Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald, respectively - to announce the official start of production on the Zoolander sequel. The pair crashed the Valentino Women's Collection Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Show (which is part of Paris Fashion Week) earlier today - and you can now watch the video of their appearance, which we've embedded above.

Zoolander 2, as co-penned by Stiller and his Tropic Thunder co-writer Justin Theroux (who's directing), will appropriately be filming in Europe; Rome to be exact, as was announced by Stiller and the  city's mayor a few weeks back. The story for the sequel to Stiller's semi-cult hit 2001 comedy remains mostly under-wraps, but it's expected to pick up in real-time after the first movie - with Derek and Hansel having both left their modeling days behind them, when trouble comes knocking at the door (again).

Ferrell, as it were, previously revealed that his Zoolander character (the eccentric Mugatu) is featured in the sequel's script - or at least he was in an earlier draft of the screenplay - but as of right now, it's not entirely clear whether or not the actor will actually appear in Zoolander 2 (much less, how significant a role he might be playing). Zoolander costar Christine Taylor has confirmed that she will be returning in the followup, while late last year it was reported that Oscar-winner Penélope Cruz has lined up for a role in the sequel.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announce Zoolander 2 filming start

Paramount has officially set Zoolander 2 to reach U.S. theaters on February 12th next year. 20th Century Fox intends to release the Deadpool comic book movie in theaters that same day, while Lionsgate/Summit plans to unleash the mythological adventure Gods of Egypt too. One (or more) of these films may end up moving to another date before then, but seeing as they're all different genres it's possible for them to co-exist in peace - and lest we forget, Zoolander wasn't exactly a box office titan (it grossed only $60 million worldwide).

However, Zoolander has also gained Anchorman-levels of cult status and quotability these past fourteen years, so the sequel may far out-perform its predecessor in theaters, commercially-speaking. This trend of belated comedy sequels continue to prove lucrative for Hollywood, though in general they tend to fall well below fans' expectations (see: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Dumb and Dumber To) - maybe Stiller and Co. will prove to be the exception?

We'll find out when Zoolander 2 opens in U.S. theaters on February 12th, 2016.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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