Zoolander 2 On Its Way!

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

It's finally happening folks! After nearly ten good years of talk, speculation and forgetting about it a few times, Zoolander 2 is on its way. According to a Deadline exclusive, Paramount will be working with Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2) to bring a sequel to the whacky 2001 comedy.

Theroux is spending some time at Paris fashion shows to get in the spirit and he'll be working alongside Stiller to pen the script. Stiller himself helped co-write the first, developing the character of Derek Zoolander with the help of Drake Sather and John Hamburg.

For fans of the first, you know full well that what made the movie special, was the playful relationship with Zoolander's nemesis-turned-friend, Hansel, played by Owen Wilson. As of yet, he is not set to return but they're hoping to bring him back and I believe they need to for this to feel right.

In addition to Stiller starring again, the bursting-into-stardom comedian Jonah Hill is in negotiations to play the film's feature villain. Will Ferrell played the villain in the first movie so I wonder what we can expect of Hill's character. I suppose working with Stiller in Night of the Museum 2 instead of Transformers 2 paid off.

If Zoolander was about a dimwitted fashion model at the end of his career, what is the 10-years-later sequel going to be about? More importantly, will there be another Billy Zane cameo? I hope so.

The first film was not a success in theaters, due in no small part to its release date just over two weeks after the events of 9/11. It picked up a major cult following on home video and is one of the most quotable films of the last decade.

Are you interested in seeing Zoolander 2?

Source: Deadline


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