'Zoolander 2': Billy Zane Confirmed to Return

Zoolander 2 with Ben Stiller to film in Rome

There's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking, but until Zoolander 2 drops in 2016 and shows us just what those things may be, more news concerning previous cast members signing up for another supermodel adventure keeps intrigue alive. In the case of a film packing as many surprise celebrity cameos as the original Zoolander, no confirmed casting is too small to generate its very own punchline.

The supermodel heroes - Derek Zoolander and Hansel (he's still so hot right now) - may have put their past rivalry to rest by the close of the original movie's closing, but if push comes to shove, Derek (Ben Stiller) knows there is one person he can count on to have his back: his good friend, Billy Zane.

Following the unconventional announcement that filming was under way (the duo taking a real-world runway by storm), Stiller confirmed Zane's return via his official Instagram account to reveal the news.

Hansel has some #Zoolander2 news about @billyzane

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It's impossible to know whether Zane will be returning for another small cameo, or may play a larger role. Since Zoolander 2 has already begun filming in Rome and will be adding new characters to the mix, either seems possible. And despite Zane not having a huge role in the first movie, his main reference - Hansel (Owen Wilson) informing Zoolander that he should "listen to his friend, Billy Zane; he's a cool dude, he's trying to help you out" - ended up as one of the more memorable cameos, he could play a bigger part in the sequel. Perhaps as an employee of Derek Zoolander's Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too?

Billy Zane Zoolander 2 Sequel

Zoolander may not have the fame or cred as some of the other comedies it released alongside, but it managed to solidify the on-screen chemistry between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, helping to propel a combination of the same pool of actors in films like Starsky and HutchDodgeball, and Night at the Museum. With its unique storyline, tongue-in-cheek dialogue and Derek's inability to turn left, Zoolander has always been a movie that warranted a second installment, so it's good to see that the ball continues to roll.

There may be more casting updates in the future, but the current roster looks pretty stacked as is. Who do you think would be a good addition to the team?

Zoolander 2 opens on February 12th, 2016.

Source: Ben Stiller

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