Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes Will Adapt 'Zombies Vs. Robots'

Undead enthusiasts love zombie flicks. Moviegoers hungry for CGI robot mayhem have turned out in large numbers to see Michael Bay's Transformers movies. It's a wonder Hollywood hasn't attempted to combine these different ingredients before now. Enter Zombies vs. Robots.

Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood's graphic novel about the battle between machine and (undead) man. Bay's Platinum Dunes will co-produce a film adaptation.

Zombies vs. Robots centers around a young girl who's the last human survivor on Earth in the wake of the zombpocalypse. A group of advanced robots are designed to protect her from the undead, including a collection of zombies who have evolved and developed greater intelligence.

That's the basic setup for this sci-fi/horror genre hybrid, which already has a sequel titled Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons. Perhaps if the cinematic adaptation of ZvR proves to be a hit, we'll see a followup that throws Wonder Woman into the mix as well. :-P

J.T. Petty wrote the screenplay for the Batman Begins video game, along with a few Splinter Cell titles, and Deadline says he's already turned the ZvR comic book into a spec script titled Inherit the Earth. Expect the film version to retain the paperback novel's original name, much for the same reason that Jon Favreau didn't re-dub his cinematic take on Cowboys & Aliens, despite the project having little to do with its inspiration - because it's an attention-grabbing, high-concept title.

Zombies Vs. Robots comic book movie
How's this for a cross-over?

Zombie fever is still pretty high, going off the popularity of The Walking Dead and a number of in-development movies (Breathers, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) that involve the flesh-easting monsters. Even this summer's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides throws zombie buccaneers into the mix of supernatural creatures and villains.

Robots will be storming theaters for the next while as well. Bays's extraterrestrial Transformers will arrive this summer in the trilogy concluding Dark of the Moon, followed by boxing metal men in the fall's Real Steel. That's not to mention that Steven Spielberg has Robopocalypse on the horizon, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer is actively developing an adaptation of the comic book World War Robot - which, as it were, was illustrated by ZvR's Ashley Wood as well.

Zombies vs. Robots should certainly boast some impressive production values, what with Bay behind it - and once you look past the goofy title, it does have a mildly intriguing premise. However, best to wait and see who ends up signing on to direct and star in the film before jumping to too many conclusions about its potential.

Source: Deadline

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