Once bogged down by seemingly-endless setbacks, preparation for the sequel to Zombieland seems to have taken off like a stolen SUV. After securing a “broadcaster” through Amazon’s streaming service, the Sony Pictures Television-produced show picked up half of its principal cast last week.

As of today, it looks as if we can bump that figure up, as Zombieland has cast a new actress to fill the shoes of Emma Stone (Gangster Squad). Maiara Walsh (The Vampire Diaries) looks to have been chosen to portray acid-tongued survivor, Wichita.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Maiara Walsh will portray adept con-woman Wichita in the upcoming Zombieland series. She joins Izabel Vidovic as Wichita’s sister, Little Rock, and Tyler Ross as geeky lead, Columbus. This leaves only Tallahassee (previously portrayed by Woody Harrelson) to round out the core cast.

Walsh has had a decently extensive career in television, most notably on Desperate Housewives and the more recent Switched at Birth. She’s scored roles in several smaller films and will take part in the Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer spoof The Starving Games later this year.

While none of the principal performances in Zombieland were particularly weak, Stone’s turn as the cynical huckster Wichita was a definite standout. Tough and sarcastic, Stone counterbalanced the nervous awkwardness of Jesse Eisenberg’s Columbus and the overcompensating machismo of Harrelson’s Tallahassee.

Zombieland Full Cast Zombieland TV Series Finds Its Wichita

As with the other roles already recast for the Zombieland show, the main question is whether Walsh can replicate – or even enrich – a performance that was widely praised in its original incarnation. Even if Walsh’s interpretation of Wichita ends up being different than the film (and given the involvement of the movie’s writers, this seems rather unlikely), one can only hope that the comparison with Emma Stone doesn’t overshadow her actual performance.

Zombieland has no set release date, but at the current pace of its casting will no doubt enter production sooner rather than later. We at Screen Rant will keep you informed of all the gory details.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter [via Coming Soon]

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