'Zombieland: The Series' Trailer - Remember the Rules

Zombieland The Series (TV) Trailer (2013)

Amazon scored a high-profile victory when it opted to develop an original series out of the cult-hit film Zombieland, but many have been wondering just what kind of series the popular online marketplace would be able to produce. Today, we have our first hint of an answer, thanks to a new trailer for Zombieland: The Series.

The series is scripted by the creators of the original film - that would be Deadpool movie writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick - and in the director's chair for the pilot is Eli Craig  - best known for the cult-hit horror/comedy, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

Unfortunately the stars of the original Zombieland movie aren't returning for the series. Instead, actor/comedian Kirk Ward will take over Woody Harrelson's role as "Tallahassee"; Tyler Ross (Boss) will play Jesse Eisenberg's character, "Columbus"; Maiara Walsh (Mean Girls 2) replaces Emma Stone as "Wichita" and Izabela Vidovic (Christmas Angel) takes over for Abigail Breslin as "Little Rock." If you aren't familiar with any of those names and/or faces - no worries, we aren't all that familiar, either.

Zombieland The Series (TV) Trailer (2013)
Cast of 'Zombieland: The Series'

So far, the footage for Zombieland: The Series isn't all that impressive. In an era where AMC's zombie apocalypse TV series The Walking Dead is a ratings heavyweight, this show just doesn't quite measure up. Sure, there's clear DNA of the original film in that trailer - what with the sardonic wit or stylistic signatures like the tried-and-true "Zombieland Rules"... but the actual footage looks like something out of a fan Webisode.

That's not to say the zombie makeup isn't passable - it should be, considering the series has people like Toby Sells (who worked on Walking Dead) in the makeup department. It's just that there is a very "sound stage" budgeted look to this zompocalypse world that's being created, which makes suspension of disbelief a bit more difficult. And bless Kirk Ward for his effort, but just doesn't wield the same charisma Harrelson did as Tallahassee. Not even close.

 Nitpick's aside, the appeal of Zombieland: The Series was to provide a wider playground in which to explore many other stories and adventures with these characters, and that's certainly still an achievable goal.


You can check out Zombieland: The Series on Amazon Instant Watch in the very near future.

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