Is a 'Zombieland' Sequel Already in the Works?

After bringing in an impressive $25 million in its first weekend, the splatterfest zombie comedy Zombieland already has fans clamoring for a sequel. Luckily for them, it looks like everyone involved with Zombieland is just as excited to come back for another round of Zombie slaying action.

In an interview with MTV, Paul Wernick, one of the writers of the critically acclaimed comedy, spoke about the cast and crew's enthusiasm for the sequel.

"We would love it, and everyone involved creatively wants to do another one. Woody [Harrelson] came up to us after the final cut of the last scene and gave us a hug and said, 'I've never wanted to do a sequel in the previous movies I've done until this one.' "

Given everyone's "gung-ho" attitude for a follow-up, and Zombieland's impressive financial success, a sequel the the film is probably inevitable. Does that mean a script is already in the works? Not yet, but according to Wernick, that might not be a huge problem, since he and co-writer Rhett Reese originally conceived Zombieland as a TV series.

"It has lived in our heads for four-and-a-half years. We developed it and wrote it as a spec TV pilot in the summer of 2005. We've got a long brainstorming document that still to this day gets updated on a near-weekly basis with ideas. We've got tons of new ideas swimming in our head."

Of course, before Wernick and Reese can sit down and hammer out a script, they have to finish the multitude of projects that are already on their plate. Currently, the pair are working on a draft of a Venom movie for Sony Pictures, as well as the science-fiction film Earth vs. Moon, which they hope will star Will Smith.

Are you looking forward to a Zombieland sequel? How much fun would a Zombieland TV series have been?

Source: MTV

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