Zombieland: 10 Moments To Remember Before Seeing Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap is the long-awaited sequel to the hit 2009 film, Zombieland. The entire main cast, including Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg, is returning in their iconic roles which thrilled fans of the original movie everywhere.

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A lot went down in Zombieland between the characters we came to know as well as in the zombie apocalypse in general. Friendships were formed, alliances were broken -- and then mended -- and someone shot Bill Murray. These are just a few examples of the pivotal moments we witnessed that we should remind ourselves of before we head to theaters to see Double Tap.

So get ready to face the undead once again as we breakdown the 10 Moments In Zombieland To Remember Before Double Tap.

10 The Rules

When we first meet Jesse Eisenberg's character -- Columbus -- he has been surviving the zombie apocalypse on his own in spite of his own anxieties from both before and after the zombies took over.

He has done this by creating a set of rules that he swears to live by. These rules are mentioned throughout the film as we get to know him and the other survivors better.

They include: Don't be a hero. Seatbelts. Double tap -- meaning shoot a zombie twice to make sure they're dead. Cardio, so you can outrun the zombies. And enjoy the little things. We're positive these are only the beginning of his long list of rules and we're looking forward to finding out what the rest are in Double Tap. 

9 Zombie Kill Of The Week

In an effort to keep things light-hearted and make a game out of living in Zombieland, Columbus and Tallahassee end up referencing "zombie kill of the week" when Tallahassee creatively kills a zombie.

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It turns out that the survivors like to keep score of who has the best zombie kills and then dubs them the zombie kill of the week winner. In this instance, it was given to an elderly woman who killed a zombie with a grand piano. Honestly, she deserved the win with that one.

That being said, they are bound to have even more interesting and creative kills in this sequel which will surely give us a new winner in this contest.

8 Tallahassee’s “Puppy”

Tallahassee comes across as a tough-as-nails, gritty, no-holds-barred type of guy. He reveled in the chaos of the zombie apocalypse he found himself in and even felt as though he found his true calling.

But he did have a serious soft spot that showed what a big heart he had with his "puppy". He told Columbus about losing his beloved puppy to this zombie invasion and how devastated he was.

It wasn't until three quarters of the movie was done that we learned his "puppy" was actually his infant son. It was a heartbreaking moment that showed us an entire different side to Tallahassee.

7 The Movie Ended With Witchita And Columbus Possibly Together

Throughout the entirety of Zombieland, there was a sexual tension brewing between Emma Stone's Witchita and Eisenberg's Columbus. It was evident they had feelings for each other even if Witchita had a hard time accepting them. We can't blame her feeling as though they were doomed when they're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

But by the end of the film, it seemed as though she had put that behind her and was willing to really make a go of it with Columbus. It was heavily implied they would be together when the credits started to roll.

It will be interesting to see if their romance is still as strong as ever after 10 years have passed.

6 Bill Murray Died

When the group of survivors make it to Hollywood, they decide to go to a Hollywood legend's home. That legend? Bill Murray, of course.

The comedic genius and incredible actor ended up still being there, made up to look like a zombie. It was a great strategy that helped him survive.

He helped Witchita and Tallahassee pull a prank on Columbus and Little Rock by acting like a zombie as they watched Ghostbusters. Columbus unfortunately thought it was real and shot the man, killing him. It was a great cameo and we were disappointed that was the end of Bill Murray. But it looks like we might see him again in Double Tap, somehow…

5 The Zombies Are Fast

When zombies became prevalent in pop culture thanks to horror icon George A. Romero, they moved at a glacial pace in his films. Even in The Walking Dead, the zombies move rather slowly.

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But in Zombieland, the zombies are alarmingly fast. It is shown time and time again throughout the film that you really must be on your toes and ready to run at any given moment. Especially if you don't have the ability to defend yourself.

And according to the trailer for Double Tap, it looks like they might have gotten even faster in the last 10 years, which is truly frightening.

4 Tallahassee’s Twinkie Obsession

When you think of Tallahassee, you probably also think of his obsession with Twinkies. We all remember the confection from when were kids, and yes, the snack was delicious, albeit completely unhealthy.

But that didn't matter to Tallahassee. It was his favorite food in the world and he was determined to get his hands on one. His plan was thwarted more than once in the original Zombieland, but finally, at the very end of the film, Little Rock saved one just for him.

It was a great moment and you felt absolutely thrilled that Tallahassee finally got the dessert he coveted so much.

3 Nut Up Or Shut Up

This is yet another great line from none other than Tallahassee himself. The man is known for his one-liners that we all quote to this day. And this, in particular, is his favorite thing to say when it comes time to cast all of your fears aside and be brave to face down the heinous zombies.

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He said the iconic quote several times throughout the first movie and will likely be repeating it again in Double Tap. Honestly, we can't wait to see him put this quote to good use and put it into action when it's time to kill some zombies to survive.

2 We Only Know Witchita’s Real Name

Witchita is the lead female character in Zombieland and she's honestly a badass. She doesn't allow anyone to decide her fate for her and is a skilled con artist with her little sister, Little Rock.

It's difficult for her to let anyone else get close to her, especially knowing that it's likely the person she's close to won't make it out of Zombieland alive.

But eventually, she lets Columbus into her life and her heart by the end of the first movie. The moment we realized this was when she revealed her real name to him, showing they had formed a bond. Her name? Krista.

1 The Group Became A Family

Four loners were the center of this hilarious, action-packed zombie tale. While Witchita and Little Rock have a close relationship as sisters, they really didn't allow anyone else into their inner circle.

Enter Columbus and Tallahassee. The two polar opposite men ended up invading their lives and becoming two people they could always rely on, and vice versa.

The bond they formed became as tight-knit as a loving family and it was apparent that they would always have each other's backs, no matter what. And that is exactly where we left off with these four characters. We can't wait to see where the road takes them next.

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