Five New Zombieland Clips

Five new clips have appeared online for the highly-anticipated zombie comedy, Zombieland. If by now you have no idea what Zombieland is, you must be living under a rock.

With titles like "Prospecting," "Clown," "Nut Up or Shut Up," "The Rules" and "Take A Little Off the Top" you're interest has to be piqued a little. Whilst only one clip is titled "Nut Up or Shut Up," said advice is given in pretty much all of the clips - it may just become my philosophy from now on. Well, maybe I'll just keep it in my back pocket in case of a zombie apocalypse. "Nut up or shut up" can't really help me while waiting line at the gas station... Or can it?

Even if you're NOT looking forward to this film :-|, it might be worth watching "Nut Up or Shut Up," (clip #3) just to hear Tallahasse (Harrelsen) tell a zombie that he has "a pretty mouth" and the proceeding to beat him with a banjo. Hilarious.

Check out the videos below and while you're at it, make sure you're entered in our Zombieland contest to win one of Woody Harrelsen's zombie-killing hats.

Well? What'd you think? Did Harrelsen's Twinkie philosophy sway you to go see the movie or had you already planned on it? With so many positive things being said about this film, was there anything you didn't like?

Zombieland is set to be released October 2, 2009

Source: Thompson On Hollywood

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