Zombieland: Double Tap: 10 Best Kills, Ranked

Zombieland: Double Tap hit theatres this week, and it's safe to say that fans had high expectations in regards to the epic zombie kills in this movie. We all knew that if it was anything like the first movie – there would be some memorable moments involving the killing of zombies. And we were correct. Zombieland: Double Tap wasn't afraid to introduce more zombies, or have fun coming up with some creative ways to take them out.

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Who would have thought that the zombie apocalypse could be fun? So with that in mind, here are the ten best zombie kills in Zombieland: Double Tap. In case it wasn't obvious, there are going to be spoilers for Zombieland: Double Tap on this list. So please avoid if you haven't seen the movie yet.

10 Columbia Lady's Kill

Zombieland: Double Tap didn't waste any time before giving us the first two kills of the movie. The famous Lady with the Torch, aka the Columbia Lady from the logo, was given an opportunity to take out a couple of zombies. And believe us, she made good use of that torch.

It's good to know that anything can be used as a blunt weapon capable of caving in a zombie's skull. And frankly, we have to give credit to the Columbia Lady for her poise in the face of danger. And about how she didn't even hesitate to take out a couple of zombies.

9 Zombie Kill of the Week

As with the first Zombieland, Double Tap had some fun with the 'zombie kill of the week' concept. But naturally, that means they had to up the ante just a bit. While Tallahassee himself was able to land that award later in the movie (discussed down below), the award first goes to a very creative farmer.

You see, this farmer made excellent use of the equipment on his land, chasing down a zombie with his massive harvester. It's difficult to feel bad for a zombie. But seeing once chased down and pulped up by a harvester comes pretty close. Okay, that's not true. It was pure hilarity. Not to mention satisfyingly gruesome.

8 Clearing Out the White House

There comes a point where everyone feels compelled to lay down their roots. Columbus has been looking for a home for a long time. So it's no surprise that he eventually talked the rest of the gang into settling down as well.

But in the zombie apocalypse, you really have to go big or go home. Or in this case, both. The crew gloriously cleared out the White House – destroying all the zombies outside and within, in order to make themselves a new and cozy home. And they might have had just a little bit too much fun doing it.

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7 Zombie Kill of the Year

As mentioned above, the zombie kill of the week was still a thing. But it's been long enough since the zombie outbreak that some people were feeling go a bit farther in taking out zombie. And thus the zombie kill of the year award was created.

The first-ever zombie kill of the year went to an industrious Italian, who was clearly feeling a bit fed up with the zombies all over. So he used a monument to take a few out them out. Admittedly it would have just been easier to take out the zombies in another manner...but it sure made a point. This man used the Leaning Tower of Pisa to take out a small group of hungry (and not very bright) zombies. We hope this was an effective therapy for the guy.

6 A Battle of the Doubles

One of the biggest gags in this movie came from a classic movie trope; bringing in characters that perfectly mirror the main characters. And thus we met Albuquerque and Flagstaff. The where disturbingly like our two leading males, Tallahassee and Columbus, but in some ways, they will never hold up. For one thing (spoiler warning) these two gag characters are not as good at avoiding zombie bites as our leading crew.

This resulted in a mirror fight, with Tallahassee facing off against his mirror, Albuquerque, and Columbus facing off against Flagstaff. Also worth noting: this is the fight that was shown in some of the trailers. You know the one, it came with the hilarious line of “don't swing! Don't swing!” and is followed up by an even funnier moment.

5 Squish Them With the Truck!

Double Tap certainly had some iconic – and graphic – zombie takeouts in this movie. And while this moment wasn't the most graphic of the group – it certainly had some of the grossest sound effects. Which was possibly more satisfying than it should have been.

We're talking about the moment in which Nevada showed up – in a massive monster truck – and happily squished a few zombies with the trucks landing. This was a climactic moment, as right before this the characters all thought they were going to die. And instead, we got a graphic squishing of some zombies and a heroic (and well-timed) rescue.

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4 Time To Blow Up Some Zombies

The final battle in Double Tap had a lot of extenuating circumstances within it. Long story short, our main characters had to find a new way to take out a massive swarm of zombies. Zombies that are harder to take out than the counterparts we saw in the first movie.

And really, what better way to take out a swarm of hungry zombies than by fire and explosives? And even while this plan had flaws (if you've seen the movie, then you know what we mean by that), there was something rather ingenious and okay, satisfying about the plan.

3 Spinning Their Wheels

As mentioned above, lovely Nevada showed up just in the nick of time to save our lovely characters. And she got a ton of kills in with that monster truck. We mentioned the couple she squashed with her landing...but she actually did a lot more than that.

There was one scene where she was driving around like a maniac – taking tight spins and just destroying the zombies with the car's massive size and weight. It was shockingly effective, and a blast to watch. It's one of those moments that will probably define the zombie destruction in the movie. And with good reason.

2 Running To The Edge

Remember earlier, when we mentioned that Tallahassee got his own zombie kill of the week award? Well, it happened at the end of the movie (naturally). Our main characters (and a bunch of unnamed characters) were under siege by a bunch of extra dangerous and durable zombies known as the T 800s (and with good reason).

The final battle involved a lot of different tactics to take the zombies out. But the final play was done by Tallahassee, at which point he led the zombies to the edge of a very high building, and promptly led them off to their deaths (second deaths?). It's something the movie had actually been building to the whole time, so it kind of fit. And it took out a lot of zombies...and probably made a bit of a mess.

1 Bill Murray's Rampage

The final moment in our list actually occurs midway through the credits at the end of the movie. Remember in the first movie, when Columbus accidentally killed Bill Murray? Well, this whole scene was their way of making it up to us.In this scene, the zombie apocalypse has only just begun – with most characters not even knowing about it yet. This was the moment when Bill Murray first saw a zombie...and immediately took it out.

Bill Murray's zombie-killing rampage (done with his usual calm poise) started off with the iconic Al Roker, and just went on from there. No wonder the man had managed to survive so far into the zombie apocalypse. But he didn't hesitate to do what needed to be done...even when he didn't know a thing about the zombies (or even if they were zombies).

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