Zendaya's True Spider-Man: Homecoming Identity Revealed?[Updated]

[UPDATE: Not so fast on this Zendaya/Spider-Man: Homecoming rumor.]


Newly leaked information on Spider-Man: Homecoming reveals the true identity of Zendaya's mysterious "Michelle" character. Homecoming will center on a high school-aged Peter Parker (Tom Holland), who will strike up multiple important relationships over the course of the movie. He has a best friend in Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) and a love interest in Liz Allan (Laura Harrier).

But of all the high school characters in the cast, the one that has raised the most questions is Michelle. The role of the character played by Zendaya, best known for her work under the same name on the Disney Channel, has been shrouded in mystery to this point - but she's definitely not a new version of Mary Jane. A new leak reveals the truth about Michelle, and it is a major spoiler for Homecoming ahead of its release.

As reported by Movie Pilot on Friday, details have leaked from a new novelization of Spider-Man: Homecoming that reveal Michelle's true identity. It turns out that Sony and Marvel Studios have been deliberate in keeping Michelle's last name a secret, because her last name is Toomes - that is, the last name of Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes, who turns into The Vulture, Spider-Man's top adversary in Homecoming.

Vulture can be seen in trailers for Homecoming making very personal threats to Peter Parker after he finds out that he is Spider-Man, suggesting that he knows about Parker's personal life and his ties to Michelle. Keaton has generally been been mum on the topic of The Vulture's family background, meaning that Michelle's identity as his daughter will be a big revelation for those who go into the movie spoiler-free.

Clearly, Michelle Toomes will not be merely a bit character in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She could strike something of a friendship with Parker, who will undoubtedly will face further conflicts from it as he balances his double-life as Peter and Spidey. It appears that The Vulture will know about Parker before he finds out that he is Spider-Man, which will only add to the dramatic intrigue between the trio of characters.

It's also clear that Michelle will not be a love interest for Peter, at least not primarily. It's unknown how Michelle's relationship with her father will develop in the movie. Fans will have to hope that the multitude of characters from Parker's high school doesn't muddle Spider-Man: Homecoming's complex narrative webs. But, with Michelle's true identity finally known, those who have speculated on it can put their theories to rest - or perhaps brag that they were right all along.

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Source: Movie Pilot

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