15 Hidden Areas You Never Found In Legend Of Zelda

Across 15 main games and the various spinoffs, The Legend of Zelda series has kept fans entertained with Link battling his way across Hyrule since 1986. In a quest to save the princess, defeat Ganondorf, and protect the Triforce, Nintendo has constantly churned out stories in innovative new ways to keep us hooked. From sailing the seas to taking a train to the tracks, Zelda has become known for having some of the best games in the entire history of consoles.

Everyone has their favorite game, and whether it be the 3D revolution of Ocarina of Time of the quaint cartoon style of Wind Waker, they all have their merits. Each game has also offered up a new array of crazy locations and their bizarre inhabitants. However, while you might have become familiar with Zelda’s Castle, Kakariko Village, and the Lost Woods, what about those shadowy places you daren’t go or have simply walked right past?

With the likes of the recent Breath of the Wild offering almost never-ending gameplay, it is easy to skip over some parts and just stick to the main storyline. For those who are keen on exploring every nook and cranny while completing every quest and meeting every person, here are 15 Hidden Areas You Never Found In Legend Of Zelda.

15 Hyrule Castle Lockup - Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Castle Lockup Breath of the Wild

One of Breath of the Wild's most innovative features is its wide array of weaponry alongside the fact that none of them last forever. As you blast through swords and shields, you may find yourself hoping for something a little more resilient. So upgrade to the Hylian Shield, a near-indestructible addition to your armory that cannot be beaten by other shields. However, getting the Hylian Shield isn't that easy - and it is easy to miss while buried deep within the castle dungeon.

Entering through the West side of the castle, players can either take a minecart or a raft deeper underground and into the old prison. Fighting the miniboss Stalnox, the reward is the shield as an invaluable piece of metal. As one of Link's most infamous weapons, acquiring the Hylian Shield is a can't-miss part of the game - oh, and it also comes in handy for sledding.

14 The Chris Houlihan Room - A Link to the Past

Zelda Chris Houlihan Room

There is one name in particular that has been immortalized in Zelda lore, and it it isn't the titular princess or even Link himself.

Avid gamers will surely have heard of the name Chris Houlihan.

In one of the best marketing moves ever, the September 1990 issue of Nintendo Power asked readers to share pictures of themselves with Final Fantasy's Warmech. The prize was Nintendo offering one lucky fan the chance to have their name inserted into a future NES game.

The game turned out to be A Link to the Past, and Houlihan had a room named after him. The Chris Houlihan room is effectively an error room that can be reached in a variety of ways, but if you find it, it contains 45 blue Rupees, a shining blue floor, and a telepathy tile.

13 The Cave of Ordeals - Twilight Princess

The Cave of Ordeals Twilight Princess

Lurking in the dust of the Gerudo Desert is the Cave of Ordeals. With a hand from Midna, players reform the Bridge of Eldin and gain access to the mini-dungeon. With fifty floors of enemies of increasing difficulty, there isn't much in here apart from bragging rights on completion. That being said, you do win a bottle of the Great Fairy's tears, which can refill Link's hearts and double his strength.

Level 50 hides the Great Fairy, but before you can get to her, you have to defeat pretty much every non-boss enemy in the game. Adding to this that you can't buy any supplies, expect to die la lot on your trip through the cave. Every 10 levels, she will appear alongside healing fairies, but it still doesn't make the task any easier.

The Cave of Ordeals definitely lives up to its namesake. However, gluttons for punishment, step on up!

12 The Nice Moblin - The Legend of Zelda

Nice Moblin The Legend of Zelda

Moblins are probably Link's best-known enemies (apart from Ganondorf), but the original versions look a lot different to the high-def Breath of the Wild creatures.

Even back in 1987, the Moblins were still causing us problems.

While the rest of his friends are seemingly birthed from pure evil, there was one nice Moblin here to help. Instead of traipsing around the Overworld looking to do Link harm, the nice Moblin is here to aid by giving you currency on your quest. Constantly moving around the caves of Hyrule in the first game, the amount of Rupees he gives to you depends on how hard he was to find.

While the nice Moblin never gets a real name, he has become something of a legend thanks to his words, "IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY" - a quote that has become famous among Zelda fans.

11 The Fishing Hole Cliffs - Twilight Princess

Fishing Hole Zelda Twilight Princess

Fishing and Zelda go hand in hand, and there have been many watery backdrops across the series. From Lord Jabu-Jabu to the aquatic Zora, it just wouldn't be right to play without getting your feet wet.

During Twilight Princess, there was a fun mini-game where you could fish for your favorite Greengills, Ordon Catfish, or maybe even catch the rare Hylian Loach. However, if you didn't fancy whiling away the hours in waders, did you know that you get on top of the cliffs?

Using the Jump Strike ability and some carefully-timed bombs, you can blast Link to the top of the cliffs surrounding the hole. But what is the purpose of this? Well, apart from a scenic look over Zora's River, not a lot.

That being said, it is a great spot to go for a dive - just make sure you aren't wearing the Iron Boots.

10 Giant Cucco Mini-Game - A Link Between Worlds

Giant Cucco A Link Between Worlds

If you like having your head pecked, take on the Giant Cucco mini-game from A Link Between Worlds. As some of the most annoying creatures to grace Hyrule, those clucking chickens are enough to drive anyone "Cucco," but imagine taking on 999.99 seconds worth of them!

There are much better things you can do with 15 minutes of Zelda playtime, but if you survive wave after wave of angry Cucco, A Link Between Worlds players get a bizarre reward.

After making it through the supposedly endless mode, the aptly-named Cucco Girl will come out and declare you Cucco Master, awarding players with 3,000 Rupees. Even weirder, if you return to Kakariko Village and visit Cucco Ranch during a blue moon, you will then find the Giant Cucco throwing hearts at you.

9 Link's Cabana - Wind Waker

Private Oasis Zelda Wind Waker

Unless you're Tom Hanks in Castaway, who wouldn't want to grab some rest and relaxation on their own tropical island? While sailing the Seven Seas during Wind Waker, some players might have come across the Private Oasis.

After taking out a Big Octo, the spoils of your own secluded getaway are yours, but wait: someone has been here first. There is a beautiful house located on the oasis, which comes complete with its own butler who refuses to let you in.

Needing the deed to the cabana, players have to sail link back to Windfall Island and speak to the schoolteacher. After that, it should be relatively plain sailing as you can head to your own private oasis and not be disturbed by pirates or Moblins.

If you want to go one step further, there is even a side-quest labyrinth hiding beneath the fireplace.

8 Lake of the Horse God - Breath of the Wild

Lake of the Horse God Breath of the Wild

Forget the Great Fairy and her fountain, where you really want to head is the Lake of the Horse God in Breath of the Wild.

In the Faron Grasslands south of Highland Stable, the Horse God Bridge and the Horse God Lake give an idea you are heading in the right direction.

Give Malanya 1,000 Rupees and he will reveal his true form as the horse-masked god with some pretty handy powers.

Zombie horses may not become your favorite characters of the series, but Malanya grants the ability to revive any equines who have fallen in battle. Bad news for those with a vicious streak, though: the Horse God won't bring back horses you cut down yourself because you felt a little bored. Losing your carrot-munching friend is no fun, so visiting the Lake of the Horse God is well worth it for Breath of the Wild fans.

7 Zelda's Art Gallery - Ocarina of time

Mario Bowser Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time already held some great Nintendo Easter eggs thanks to the Happy Mask Salesman's infamous Mario mask, but the 1998 game had a much bigger nod to the rest of the company's famous faces. When you first met Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle, there was the difficult task of dodging her guards and learning "Zelda's Lullaby", but if you looked hard enough, there was another treat.

Peering through one of the many windows, you might've spotted Zelda's private gallery.

On the wall were images of Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and Luigi, all hanging proud her own private art gallery. While it is a pretty cool Easter egg, the powers that be decided to remove the paintings and replace them with a wallpaper from New Super Mario Bros. Maybe the '90s was just a little too retro for the remake.

6 Field of Kittens - Skyward Sword

Field of Kittens Skyward Sword

Cat lovers, look out - Link is showing his claws!

The affectionately named Field of Kittens from the Wii's Skyward Sword is nowhere near as cute as it sounds. Using the Clawshots to the west of the Goddess Statue in Skyloft, Link can launch himself upward to a scenic patch of flowers.

Napping amongst the flora are five cute kittens known as Remlits.

During the day, the species are docile little felines, but by night, they are vicious monsters. However, the Field of Kittens version are only there during the day, meaning it is a location that can't be found at night.

When there, the Remlits will purr around Link, but more morbid players can hurl one of the five creatures off the cliff and watch its brothers and sisters mourn it. There isn't much to the Field of Kittens, but it is easily one of the cutest Easter eggs to grace the entire franchise.

5 Lomei Labyrinth Island - Breath of the Wild

Lomei maze Zelda Breath of the Wild

If you fancy becoming a character in your very own version of The Maze Runner, Breath of the Wild has a devilishly difficult task for you. Hidden out there in the sandbox world of Hyrule is a winding maze. There are 42 Shrine Quests, but undertaking the Trial of the Labyrinth will reveal the hidden Tu Ka'loh Shrine. Making your way toward Lomei Labyrinth Island, gamers can paraglide down to the rocky edges of the stone structure.

But getting there is the easy part.

Once inside, expect there to be all the twists and turns of your average maze, but hundreds of feet tall. There are actually three mazes in the game, offering gamers the Trial on the Cliff and The Desert Labyrinth. Floating over the giant puzzle boxes, each has plenty of enemies to battle on your journey to the center. Just make sure you leave your trail of breadcrumbs to find your way back out.

4 Behind The Goddess Statue - Skyward Sword

Goddess Statue Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is sometimes seen as the black sheep of the Zelda family, but prepare to hate it even more due to pure frustration. Aiming for the well-known Goddess Statue in the Goddess' Silent Realm, there is an area behind the statue that you can't even get to. So does it really exist? Well according to your map, there is a whole expansive space behind there just waiting to be explored.

Haunting gamers for decades, the giant gap on your map can't be touched, leading many to look for ways to glitch the game to gain access. While some tell tall tales of making it behind the statue, there has yet to be any actual proof.

Whether it was meant to be part of the game, we don't know, but it is possibly the only Zelda location you will never be able to cross off your bucket list.

3 The Ghost Ship - Wind Waker

Ghost Ship Zelda Wind Waker

Going all Pirates of the Caribbean, the cel-shaded Wind Waker tells the tragic tale of the Ghost Ship - constantly sailing the Great Sea until it is freed from its curse. The pictographer Lenzo tells Link how his ship was wrecked and he came across the mythical Ghost Ship.

If you look hard enough, you can find the Ghost Ship too.

You may glimpse the Ghost Ship when out on your boat and hear its haunting, but up until a certain point, it will vanish whenever you get near to it. However, obtaining the Ghost Ship Chart from a secret maze on Diamond Steppe Island will allow you to board the ill-fated vessel.

After defeating two Poes and a Wizzrobe, you are rewarded with a Triforce Chart. Once the curse is lifted, Link awakens back on the King of Red Lions, questioning whether it was all a dream.

2 The Jaws Tank - Ocarina of Time

Shark Ocarina of Time

We've already mentioned the myriad of Easter eggs within the acclaimed Ocarina of Time, but did the developers also give a nod to Steven Spielberg? The waterside lab at Lake Hylia contains the creepy scientist, but if you do a little diving, you may spot Zelda's own homage to Jaws.

The shark-like Gyorgs appear in Wind Waker, but back in Ocarina, you can spot a motionless shark imprisoned behind a set of bars. You can't interact with it, it doesn't move, and it just lurks there looking ominous. Whether someone behind the game was a big fan of the 1975 classic or not, it sure looks like the great white which terrified moviegoers.

How the Ocarina one got there and what its purpose is remains a mystery, but that is one set of teeth you don't want to mess with.

1 Satori Mountain - Breath of the Wild

Lord of the Mountain Breath of the Wild

Satori Mountain, yawn - what's so interesting about that place? Everyone pops by Satori Mountain in Breath of the Wild, but depending when you go can have a totally different meaning. During normal hours, the mountain is a pretty place to visit (complete with nice-looking Cherry Blossom), but if you catch it at one of the times it has its mysterious blue glow around it, you are in for a real treat.

Offering some of the best screenshots in the game, arriving at Satori Mountain when it glows includes a whole host of new creatures you won't find anywhere else. Best of all, there is a steed called the Lord of the Mountain. Incredibly rare, he spawns randomly during the mountains shining phase.

With some stealth armor and a lot of stamina, even this bucking bronco can be tamed, giving you a fan-favorite that would give even Epona a run for her money.


Which is your favorite secret Zelda location? Sound off in the comments below!

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