First-Person Zelda Boss Battles In VR Are As Cool As You Imagine

With Nintendo still sitting pretty thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one Zelda superfan is showing everyone why the future of the franchise should definitely lie in VR. The tunic-wearing Link has come a long way since he first swung a sword in 1986, but the Hero of Hyrule is still yet to cash in on the 21st Century's VR trend.

As one of the most intuitive gaming series out there, Zelda manages to consistently reinvent itself at almost every turn. Zelda has always been known for its pioneering streak and is even largely credited with introducing the target-lock system to modern gaming. From the acclaimed Ocarina of Time leading the 3D revolution in 1998 to Breath of the Wild pushing open-world gaming more than most could've imagined in 2017, Nintendo is almost always guaranteed a winner with Zelda, so what's next?

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Showcasing what could happen if Nintendo developers really put their mind to it, Indie gamer Aklar_45 lets fans wield the Master Sword for the first time ever and take on some pretty famous Zelda foes with a first-person perspective. Playable on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Aklar_45 developed the boss battles using Epic Games' Unreal 4 Engine. After tackling the Stallord boss from Twilight Princess or series staple Ganondorf in VR, Aklar_45's other videos allow players to battle the likes of Darknut and Armogohma. Admittedly, these pale in comparison to the VR experience.

Seeing everything come to life as VR Link uses his shield to melee Ganondorf or aim a bow and arrow for long-range shots is almost too good to be true. Countering Ganondorf's energy blasts and dodging a collapsing floor also look even better with the environmental upgrades of the Unreal 4 Engine. While Ocarina of Time has already had a modern update for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011, just think about the legions of nostalgic fans who would sell their own Epona for a VR remake that allowed them to pick up the Ocarina of Time.

Nintendo and VR don't exactly go hand-in-hand thanks to the infamous flop of the Virtual Boy in 1995. Sadly, this VR mod is unlicensed by Nintendo and Aklar_45 reports that the company is repeatedly taking the videos down. That being said, the impressive clips show what could be accomplished if done properly. Even if Nintendo isn't willing to turn the field of Hyrule into VR, it doesn't seem to be stopping loyal gamers having their own hand at an immersive Zelda experience.

The Joy-Con, the Switch's ability to go on the move, and even quirky additions like the Nintendo Labo and Pokéball Plus are novel ideas, but there is no escaping that VR should be the next step for the Big N. Whether Nintendo even plans on making a Zelda VR game remains to be seen, but as fans undoubtedly look to what comes after Breath of the Wild, a wholly VR Zelda game is an interesting idea indeed.

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Source: Aklar_45

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