Zazie Beetz Wants To Explore Domino's Origins & Relationship With Cable

Zazie Beetz is hoping to see more of Domino's origin story and relationship with Cable in future appearances. 20th Century Fox found incredible success with Ryan Reynolds' R-rated superhero franchise, as Deadpool took the world by storm in 2016. The reception that it received quickly put the wheels in motion on a sequel, which the post-credits scene of the first film teased would introduce Cable. Deadpool 2 did just that, with Josh Brolin playing the time-traveling mutant, but it also featured the debut of Zazie Beetz as the luckiest mutant alive, Domino.

Luck is literally Dominio's superpower, and Deadpool 2 put this to great use, as her inability to have anything go wrong resulted in some of the film's most original action pieces. Beyond that, Beetz' portrayal of the character was a hit with audiences, and many have been wondering when she could reprise the role. This has become more complicated with Disney's acquisition of Fox, which has put the future of Deadpool and his franchise in limbo. A third film is likely to come, but it's unclear if it will exist in a pocket universe or join the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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However the franchise does continue, many are hopeful that Beetz's Dominio will return in future installments, including Beetz. During a recent interview with CineXpress, she was asked what she would like to see from Domino in future stories if she gets the chance to tell them. According to the actress, she is specifically interested in Domino's "interesting and complex" origin and "how her relationship with Cable develops because in the comics they have a relationship and I think that could be cool to see what that is."

Domino does have a complicated origin story in the comics, as she's part of a government experiment. The experiment, called Project Armageddon, was started to create the perfect super-soldier. She was the only test subject to survive the tests, but she was rejected as her luck powers weren't enough to meet the project's goals. Her father freed her from these experiments and left her with a church, but she eventually ran away and became a mercenary, and an exceptional one at that. Domino's origin could be fascinating material for Deadpool 3 or X-Force to cover, as another super-soldier program could be formed from the ashes of Project Armageddon that Domino and her fellow mutants want to shut down.

Her romantic relationship with Cable is also something that's straight out of the comics but isn't hinted at during Deadpool 2. The movie instead prioritized the bromance between Deadpool and Cable. If future films do explore Domino and Cable's relationship, there's plenty of comic storylines to pull from for inspiration. While it's unclear if that's actually in the cards, Beetz's interest in exploring it could help bring the relationship to the screen. That said, Disney and Fox will need first to figure out how the Deadpool franchise is going to continue before contemplating how Domino's story can be fleshed out. With plenty of potential for Domino, we can only hope that they'll do just that.

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Source: CineXpress

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