Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Expects to Play Domino Again in Future Marvel Film

Zazie Beetz fully expects to play Domino again in a future Marvel film. Known for her starring role in FX’s Atlanta, and more recently her supporting turn in Joker, Beetz made an impression with her debut in Deadpool 2. The actress appears confident that her future with the character is far from over.

Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, Domino first appeared in 1992. A member of the mutant team X-Force, Domino is a character that’s known for her marksmanship and exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills. She is also, as expertly depicted in the sequel to Deadpool, exceptionally lucky. In the film, Domino’s probability-shifting abilities came in handy during a scene that was engaging on a visual level and just plainly hilarious. Although Wade Wilson’s initial reaction to Domino is typically sarcastic and dismissive, he quickly realizes that Domino is a very useful ally to have on his side. Critics and audiences alike arrived at a similar conclusion, with some even proclaiming that Domino was the best part of Deadpool 2. Luckily for any fans of Domino, Beetz seems certain that her character will make future appearances.

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In a wide-ranging interview with THR, Beetz was asked if she would be surprised to not have the chance to play Domino again. With a laugh, Beetz agreed that she would be very surprised. While it’s a safe bet to assume that the actress will reprise the role of Domino in a third installment of the Ryan Reynolds-led franchise, Domino could also be folded into future titles in the MCU or she could mix it up with other X-Men as she does in other iterations.

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Beetz is also currently starring in Joker as Sophie. In the same interview, when she’s asked whether or not she feels bad for the character of Arthur Fleck. Beetz takes her time to explain that she does, elaborating on her view that the pain Arthur feels is extremely understandable even if he does go about handling it in the worst way possible. It’s a nuanced, careful view from Beetz given the controversy that Fleck’s depiction has evoked.

Beetz is busy, with her name attached to a number of upcoming films, as well as her involvement in the next two seasons of Atlanta. The future of Deadpool, on the other hand, is less clear at the moment. But whenever the story is revisited, it’s a safe bet that Domino will still have a place in Marvel movies.

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Source: THR

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