Deadpool 2: Zazie Beetz Has a 3 Movie Deal as Domino

New details on Zazie Beetz's contract to play Domino reveal how long she'll play the mutant after Deadpool 2. Fox isn't slowing down their X-Men output even with the looming Disney deal, and that continues with the sequel to their biggest hit. 2016 finally saw Ryan Reynolds achieve his goal of bringing the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen in a solo film. Despite the studio's uneasiness surrounding the project (one they only green lit after "leaked" test footage), Deadpool became the highest grossing R-rated movie ever.

Now that the IP is a proven hit, Fox is expanding Wade Wilson's corner of the X-Men universe with Deadpool 2. Much of the attention has gone to the inclusion of Cable (Josh Brolin) in the film, but Deadpool 2 will also be introducing Domino (Zazie Beetz) to the big screen. Details on her role still are still hard to be found, but she appears to be working with Deadpool in the sequel. Now we know that this probably won't be the last time they join forces, either.

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Upon Beetz's casting, it was reported that she signed a multi-picture deal with Fox. Thanks to a new profile by THR, it has been revealed that Beetz's contract is 3 films, including Deadpool 2. This is a fairly standard contract length for a movie franchise nowadays. However, it does further demonstrate that Domino will be an integral part of the Deadpool universe moving forward.

With Beetz's contract length now confirmed, it probably won't be too long before we find out officially what she will be doing next. The latest reports on X-Force have it looking to start filming later this year. Considering Domino is a main member of the team in the comics, it would make sense for her second appearance to be in the team-up. X-Force is already confirmed to be led by Deadpool and Cable, and with the Deadpool 2 trailer possibly teasing an early version of the team, it would be odd if Domino didn't appear.

As for the final appearance on her contract, that could go a number of different ways. Depending on Disney's plans for the X-Men, they could look to reboot the universe before a third appearance can be made. If that doesn't happen, there are other options for Domino. Since she's in Deadpool 2, its easy to see her returning for Deadpool 3. Cable could also get a solo film of his own, and Domino would fit in nicely there too. Plus, depending on how well she is received in Deadpool 2 and the continued push for movies with diverse leads, Beetz could be a candidate to lead her own Domino movie one day too. Whatever happens, be prepared to see much more of the lucky mutant.

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Source: THR

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