Zazie Beetz: Her 8 Best Roles (Other Than Domino)

Zazie Beetz became a star thanks to her role on the FX television series Atlanta but then the world stood up and took notice when she portrayed Domino in Deadpool 2. While Beetz was nothing like Domino from the comics, she completely owned the role and stole every scene that she appeared in.

Arguably the best member of X-Force in Deadpool 2, Beetz proved to be a superstar and the world waits to see what is next for the actress. However, while her future looks bright, Deadpool 2 wasn't the first great performance by Beetz and it won't be the last. Here are eight other performances that fans of the Deadpool 2 actress should check out.

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Zazie Beetz 8 Best Roles, Other Than Domino
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Zazie Beetz 8 Best Roles, Other Than Domino

Wolves is a movie that tries to shine a light on sports betting and was a success when it screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017. The movie had a great cast, with Michael Shannon (Man of Steel) as an abusive father who spends all his family's money on his gambling addiction and Carla Gugino (The Haunting of Hill House) as his abused wife.

However, the star here is John Taylor Smith as Anthony, a teenage athlete who just wants to get out of his parent's home and escape his abusive dad. As for Zazie Beetz, she takes on the role of Victoria, Anthony's girlfriend, someone who brings even more pressure into his desires to succeed in life.


Zazie Beetz 8 Best Roles, Other Than Domino

Released in 2017, Geostorm was supposed to be the next big global disaster blockbuster, but as with many films in that genre over the past few years, it flopped. With a $120 million budget, it only made $33.7 million so not that many people had a chance to see Zazie Beetz in one of her biggest movie roles.

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Beetz portrayed Dana, a computer hacker in the Gerard Butler starring movie. While she isn't in the movie a lot, she does have some great one-liners throughout and is easily the best example of comic relief in a movie about global satellites attacking the world by changing the weather.


Zazie Beetz 8 Best Roles, Other Than Domino

Most of the world got to know Zazie Beetz thanks to her role on the Donald Glover television series Atlanta. Beetz is Van, a character that broke her out of her anonymity to turn her into a star. She stars as Earn's (Glover) on-again-off-again girlfriend on the FX series.

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The best thing about Van is that she is never once defined as Earn's girlfriend or baby mama but as a real person -- and that partially rests on the shoulders of Beetz and how she portrays the woman. In a show that pays a lot of attention to the guys, Beetz makes sure you never forget the women.


Zazie Beetz 8 Best Roles, Other Than Domino

Slice is an interesting story when it comes to the behind-the-scenes making of this horror comedy. Director Austin Vesely started his career shooting music videos and when he wanted to make his feature film debut, he went to Chance the Rapper for help. The two had worked together on Chance the Rapper's videos and the music star agreed to help get the movie made and starred in it as well.

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Slice is about the murder of a pizza delivery driver who worked for a restaurant that was built on an ancient burial ground where the ghosts were pushed off to a place called "ghost town." Chance the Rapper plays a bike riding werewolf while Zazie Beetz plays Astrid, an employee of the pizza place who dated the dead delivery guy.


Zazie Beetz in Joker

While Deadpool 2 brought Zazie Beetz into the world of comic book movies, it isn't where she chose to remain. Instead, Beetz has already jumped over from Marvel to DC and will appear later this year in the Batman spinoff movie from Warner Bros., Joker. In the movie, Beetz will star as Sophie Dumond.

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The character is a single mother who catches the eye of the man who becomes the Joker. According to the plot description, she is someone worn out by the "grind of the city" as well as someone trying to "catch a break." If she caught Joker's eye, that can't bode well for her and if she ends up as the movie version of his wife from The Killing Joke, that could mean an even worse fate.


Zazie Beetz in High Flying Bird

Zazie Beetz also caught the eye of auteur filmmaker Steven Soderbergh and he cast her in his Netflix basketball drama High Flying Bird. The movie continues Soderbergh's insistence on new cheap technology as it will be another movie shot on his iPhone, following Unsane, which got a theatrical release.

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Soderbergh offered it to Netflix first and they bought it and released the movie in February 2019. Beetz stars as Sam, the former assistant to sports agent Ray Burke (Andre Holland), a man trying to help end a basketball lockdown with his rookie client (Melvin Gregg).


Zazie Beetz 8 Best Roles, Other Than Domino

Lucy in the Sky is an upcoming drama about an astronaut who returns to Earth after a long mission in space and her life once she returns to society. The directorial debut by Noah Hawley (Fargo) stars Natalie Portman as an astronaut named Lucy who returns to Earth and sets out for revenge when her lover begins to date a fellow astronaut.

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The movie is loosely based on a true story about real astronaut Lisa Nowak. Zazie Beetz stars as Erin Eccles, who is reported to be the woman that Lucy's lover begins to date and Lucy sets out to kill. Jon Hamm stars as the lover.


Zazie Beetz in Invincible

A third comic book adaptation that Zazie Beetz has signed up for will just require her voice. This is the animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman's (The Walking Dead) Invincible. The cast has some great names with Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, and Zazie Beetz signed on to voice the characters.

Invincible is about the son of an alien superhero who inherited his dad's powers but when it comes time for him to become Earth's protector, he struggles to adapt to the role. There is no word on who Beetz will voice in this Amazon Prime original series.

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