Zayn Malik Selling Apartment Near Gigi Hadid After Tyler Cameron Romance

Tyler Cameron and Zayn Malik

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik is now selling his NYC apartment near ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid after her Tyler Cameron romance. The supermodel and the former Bachelorette contestant have been spotted together several times in the last few weeks.

Last month, Cameron was devastated after Bachelorette Hannah Brown broke up with him on national TV during the season finale. She ended up choosing contestant Jed Wyatt, before finding out he'd been lying about being in a relationship before the show. After the finale aired, Brown attempted to win Cameron back, and the two even had a successful post-Bachelorette date, but just days later Cameron was spotted with Hadid. Things now appear to be going strong between the couple. In fact, Cameron is currently apartment hunting in New York City, where Hadid lives. But while he's moving into the neighborhood, Hadid's ex, Malik, is moving out.

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Apparently Brown isn't the only one having a difficult time watching Cameron and Hadid's relationship unfold. According to Us Weekly, Malik recently put his NYC apartment, near Hadid's home, up for sale. An insider told the publication that Malik had purchased the property to be closer to Hadid when the two were dating. Now that she's moved on with Cameron, he wants to sell it. The source added that Malik had a very difficult time after their breakup, which happened in January this year. But while he might be sad about Hadid and Cameron's new relationship, everyone else in her life is happy she's moved on. The insider said, “Everyone around Gigi is very supportive of her moving on. It was not a good move for Gigi and Zayn to be around each other. It wasn’t a healthy situation for her.” 

Zayn Malik

Now, Malik is attempting to move on, too, by getting rid of the real estate he has near Hadid. He's officially put his $10 million four-bedroom, four-bathroom penthouse up for sale. He bought the property just 10 months ago and "never fully" moved in, the source said. But despite wanting distance from Hadid - who the insider said is "doing a lot better" since dating Cameron - the singer also said he will continue to be friends with her.

It's good to see Malik and Hadid moving on with their lives. This new distance will likely be good for the both of them. It'll also make things a little more comfortable for Cameron when he officially moves to the city to be with Hadid. Hopefully things will go much better for him with Hadid than they did with Brown. Considering they were just spotted stocking up on booze for their first vacation, it looks like they already are.

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Source: Us Weekly

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