Zatanna Teaming Up With Sabrina The Teenage Witch

DC Comics is giving their fans a truly magical cross-company spell in the form of a Zatanna & Sabrina the Teenage Witch team-up. It's a tease that would have been a bit more shocking if readers didn't already have the larger comic crossover of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy with Betty and Veronica to look forward to. That combination of Gotham City and Riverdale icons is still being written, but it sounds like the crossover will bring more than just the core members of the Archie Gang into the two publishers' next magical crossover.

During a press event held at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the upcoming Harley/Ivy/Betty/Veronica crossover, Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini explained how the characters' combination was turning out to be a "dream assignment." And with enthusiasm clearly flowing through the unexpected fictional mash-up, he may let slip the next team-up apparently percolating. But exactly what brand of mischief could bring Zatanna Zatara into the world of Sabrina, and how it may factor into this current crossover, or one of their own... that's the real mystery.

The tease was offered quickly during an exchange between Dini and Amanda Conner (and Jimmy Palmiotti, currently collaborating on DC's Harley Quinn series). The topic at hand was the first comic book cover showing Harley and Ivy stealing Archie's attention from his usual pursuers - specifically, that Conner had already forgotten it had been completed and released. After jogging her memory, Dini gave a small direction on where her next artistic cover would be headed:

Palmiotti: You did the cover with them at the.. the soda shop--

Conner: That's right, I totally forgot about that. I honestly forgot about that... Thank you!

Dini: Sure. Well, start thinking Sabrina/Zatanna for a future one.

Conner: [Gasps] She used to be my favorite Archie character, Sabrina. I loved Sabrina so much. And Zatanna?

Dini: Yes.

Since no other details were offered before the subject was changed, fans will need to turn to speculation for any possible answers. We'll be the first to openly hope that this tease from Dini means a standalone crossover on the same scale as Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica, since the collision of the two worlds and magical characters is more than potent enough to sustain one. Especially considering Dini's own work on Zatanna, the sorceress's first solo series released back in 2010. Not to mention the enthusiasm his foray into Riverdale and Archie Comics has drummed up.

Dini's Zatanna primarily cast Zatara as a magical detective of sorts, so it's not hard to imagine that a bit of amateur (or teenage) spell casting could warrant her attention. Especially now that we know Gotham City and Riverdale exist in the same version of America. It's still possible that Dini and co-writer Marc Andreyko have simply come up with an issue or subplot in their larger Harley & Ivy series to include both Sabrina and Zatanna. Or better yet, that the antics Harley and Ivy bring to Riverdale brings a mess only Zatanna and Sabrina can clean up.

Either way, fans of these magicians have another reason to pay attention to the DC/Archie crossover when it arrives this October. Let us know what YOU hope to see from this mash-up of magic in the comments!

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Harley & Ivy Meet Beety & Veronica begins on October 4, 2017.

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