Zack Snyder Screening His Director's Cuts For Charity - But Not Justice League

Zack Snyder is screening his director's cuts of Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - and holding Q&As - later this month to raise money for charity. The filmmaker made his feature-length directorial debut with Dawn of the Dead in 2004, a remake of George Romero's classic zombie film from the 70s. However, Snyder became a more widely recognized name in Hollywood following the success of 300, his adaptation of Frank Miller's comic series of the same name. The critical and commercial success of 300 paved the way for Snyder to adapt Alan Moore and Frank Gibbons' Watchmen, then he become a key creative figure in developing the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe.

Snyder has perhaps become most famous for his divisive DC Comics films, including 2013's Man of Steel and, even more so, 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. His last project working with Warner Bros. and DC Films was Justice League, a movie he departed following principal photography, leaving the studio to bring in Joss Whedon to direct reshoots and compete the film. The resulting movie was criticized for being a Frankenstein job of Snyder and Wedon's styles and sensibilities, prompting fans of the former to launch the Justice League Snyder Cut movement. Although it remains to be seen if fans will ever get to see Snyder's Justice League vision realized on screen, they do have a chance to catch the director's cuts of three of his previous films.

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Snyder announced he'll be holding a three-day special event called Zack Snyder: The Director's Cuts during which the filmmaker will screen the Dawn of the Dead Director's Cut on March 22 at 6pm, the Watchmen Director's Cut on March 23 at 4pm and the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition on March 24 at 4pm. All three screenings will take place at the ArtCenter College of Design’s Ahmanson Auditorium and proceeds will go toward refurbishing the auditorium. Tickets are currently available at the ArtCenter website, and for those unable to attend, Snyder is also raising money for the cause through limited edition T-shirts with artwork by Alex Pardee that are available on Ink to the People. Take a look at the event's poster, featuring the artwork also on the T-shirts, below.

While Snyder fans may be most interested in his director's cut of Justice League - and reports differ on whether Snyder is still working on his Justice League cut - his upcoming event will no doubt give fans of the filmmaker a chance to view and appreciate his previous work. Plus, with Snyder additionally holding Q&As following each screening with so far unannounced members of the cast and crew of each film, fans will get a chance to interact with people who had a hand in creating each movie. In the case of the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition, perhaps the director and his guests will be able to offer further insight Snyder's original plans for the DCEU.

Although Snyder is a divisive director - just look at the reception to his films like Watchmen and Batman V Superman - he's undoubtedly an interesting figure in Hollywood and even those who may not be fans of his can't deny his impact on the industry. Now, though fans may not get to see his Justice League cut, they'll at least get to watch director's cuts of three of his previous films and gain further insight into them via the Q&As - and it's all for a good cause.

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