Superman Was "Unhinged" in Snyder's Ending, Says Justice League Artist

Justice League and Superman

Justice League artist Jay Oliva reveals that Superman was supposed to be unhinged by the end of the film in Zack Snyder's original plan. The first superhero ensemble film from Warner Bros. and DC Films, the project was plagued by several issues, including a director switch after original helmsman Snyder had to step down from directing duties and was replaced by Joss Whedon, who reshot the movie extensively.

Oliva worked with Snyder during the conception of Justice League but just like the filmmaker, he was no longer involved in the project when Whedon came into the picture to man the reshoots, as well as the film's post-production when the movie was significantly changed. That means that Oliva had a good idea of Snyder's full vision for the movie as the director usually maps out his story before going to production. In the past, he's confirmed that the final cut of Justice League was very different from how Snyder intended it to be. And now, he shares what would've been Superman's state of mind at the end of Snyder's initial version of the film.

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Speaking with Comic Book Debate Podcast, Oliva talked about how Snyder intended to end Justice League, specifically with regard to Superman.

"I did from the time they arrived to the nuclear reactor all the way to the end of the fight. There’s a couple stuff that when I watched the film I was like, ‘Well, what happened to that?’ because I was really looking forward to seeing it because I’ve done some crazy stuff. I tried to top what I’ve done with Superman. When Superman comes back, I had done some really crazy stuff like Superman unhinged."

This new information checks out well with what is currently known about Snyder's scrapped two-part Justice League narrative. Justice League Part 1 would've seen the return of an evil version of Superman from the dead after his sacrificial death in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This would've allow him to don his infamous black suit which only made a brief cameo in a deleted scene from the movie. The superhero eventually comes to his senses and joins Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the team in Justice League Part 2 as they go up against Steppenwolf or maybe even Darkseid. At this point, it would've been Batman who was supposed to meet his end as recently confirmed by Snyder.

Warner Bros. has yet to announce whether or not a Justice League Part 2 (in whatever form) is still on their roster, but if it happens, it will be significantly different from what Snyder envisioned it to be considering where Justice League left the heroes. With several other standalone projects on their roster, Warner Bros. and DC Films are focusing on solo films rather than crossover events especially considering how their first foray into such was a financial disappointment. That said, slowly learning about Snyder's full vision for the DCEU, it's difficult for fans to not get frustrated that the director wasn't able to finish what he started in the franchise.

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Source: Comic Book Debate Podcast

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