Zack Snyder Confirms Sucker Punch Has an Unseen Snyder Cut Too

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Zack Snyder reveals that an unseen director's cut of Sucker Punch exists, and it's much better than the previous versions. Throughout his career, Snyder hasn't been a stranger to adapting stories for the big screen. His directorial career took off when he remade Dawn of the Dead, but then he adapted Frank Millar's 300 comic into a feature film. From there, he moved on to bring Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen to life, and then the animated Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.

After using other people's stories and worlds, Sucker Punch was his first film based on an original idea. Snyder co-wrote the script with Steve Shibuya, with the story following a group of girls led by Babydoll (Emily Browning) whose stories are told throughout three different realities. Sucker Punch had some issues getting to the big screen though, as there were reports that Warner Bros. wanted a PG-13 rating while Snyder intended the film to be R-rated. Despite having some of Snyder's signature stylized action, the PG-13 Sucker Punch was not well received by critics or general audiences. The film made just $89 million worldwide, the lowest of any Snyder film, and WB promptly included an R-rated Extended Cut of the film on Blu-Ray.

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Well, it now appears that even this cut (which already features 18 extra minutes of footage) is not Snyder's original vision for the film either. A fan on Vero asked Snyder why the Extended Cut isn't part of his recently announced Director's Cut Event, and Snyder responded by saying that "it's not the definitive version" of the film. He elaborated on his remark in later comments, which can be seen below:

With two cuts of Sucker Punch already released, it appears that it would take a third cut to truly feature Snyder's take. He doesn't give too many details about what's different about the unseen cut, but he claims it's better regardless. For anyone hoping to see this brand new cut of Sucker Punch though, there are no clear plans for it to be released. Snyder indicates that it could happen someday, but only if it can be done on his terms, and without having to once again see his vision compromised.

If Sucker Punch's Snyder Cut is ever released, it'll be his fourth film to receive such a cut. He'll be showing his definitive cuts of Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the aforementioned Director's Cut event. Even though Sucker Punch isn't part of the lineup, the Q&A portions of the event could see Snyder reveal new details about this cut. After already adding in 18 minutes of footage to the prior new cut of the film, it's not known how much additional footage Snyder has at his disposal to even include at this point. Regardless, there now appears to be another (non-Justice League) Snyder Cut for fans to be on the lookout for, and with Netflix giving him complete freedom on Army of the Dead, his next project hopefully won't have a need for one.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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