Zack Snyder Posts Star Wars & Batman V Superman Mashup Trailer

Star Wars fans are currently rejoicing as the premiere of the first in a series of anthology films, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is just a week away from hitting theaters. And after the disappointment that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year, many DC fans are wishing Zack Snyder would take a cue from the minds at Lucasfilm. Though the burgeoning DCEU has its share of fans, many have been upset at the changes Snyder and Warner Bros. have made in the tone and personality of the comic book company's classic properties like Batman and Superman. While J.J. Abrams received his share of criticisms for The Force Awakens, and we've yet to see what Gareth Edwards has done with Rogue One, new and old fans of Star Wars alike have been thrilled by Lucasfilm's continued attention to what made the original films so great (and made the prequels so maligned).

Still, there's no love lost between the filmmakers. Abrams and Snyder are both huge fans of the stories each were tasked with adapting, and in 2014 they lit social media on fire as they went back and forth with a series of videos and images teasing each other over the production of their respective films. First, Snyder released a series of photos mashing up characters from both movies, then Abrams put out a video showing Christopher Nolan's version of the Batmobile on the bottom of the Millennium Falcon.

It looks like Snyder isn't done having fun. The director of Batman V Superman made and posted a mashup trailer of the film with Star Wars to his Vero account. Take a look above or watch through the Vero app on Snyder's profile, as seen below:

Dark Side Knight V Superjedi

And, take a look at some stills via Henry Cavill News on Twitter:

"Dark Side Knight v Superjedi." @ZackSnyder just released @starwars fan film he made! -Check it out on his @verotruesocial account. #BvS

— Henry Cavill News (@HenryCavillNews) December 7, 2016

Using the first teaser for BvS as the foundation, the trailer, titled Dark Side Knight v Superjedi: Dawn of the Alliance, runs through the footage of Batman and Superman from the film, and adds in lightsabers for both of the heroes (you'll never guess which color each one has), shots of the Death Star and some X-Wings, and just about every famous line of dialogue from the Star Wars films slapped on top. While it's tons of fun to watch, it stings a little knowing how big of a sense of humor Snyder has about his subject matter. Batman v Superman viewers who criticized the film's tone may wish he'd infused the movie with the humor he displays in this trailer.

Still, Snyder gets a lot of nerd cred for participating in one of the Internet's favorite pastimes: fan-made trailers. Maybe David Ayer will jump on the bandwagon and mash Suicide Squad up with Rogue One. Only time will tell.

Source: Vero [via Trailer Track], Twitter

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