Zack Snyder's Short Film Snow Steam Iron Now Available On Vero

Fans of Zack Snyder should head to the app store to download Vero, as the director has released his short film Snow Steam Iron exclusively available on the social media engine. While there's no official announcement from the director on Twitter, VERO Users have now been treated to the short film's premiere via the app. It's not the first time that unique content has been released for a specific platform but it is the first time a platform has made a product exclusively available to a specific social media platform.  It's currently unknown if the director has plans to give the short film a wider release.

The film, much as suspected, is a gritty noir story that focuses on a female protagonist. It contains violence and nudity, so viewer discretion is advised. It contains no dialogue and tells the story of a murder and the woman who committed it. Shot in Snyder's traditional style of darker colors and older backdrops and shots, the film comes off as a spiritual sort of sister to Sucker PunchThe soundtrack is incredibly unsettling and showcases some very gritty themes. For a short film, however, Snyder showcases his talent and leaves you wanting more.

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Here is an official statement from the minds behind Snow Steam Iron, regarding what inspired the project:

Director, writer, producer Zack Snyder has been making bold films since the very first time he picked up a motion picture camera. Telling captivating stories using his unique visual aesthetic to craft arresting visions of everything from the very real world around us in his breathtaking and painterly early works filled with epic landscapes, captivating and mesmerizing portraits, to the surreal, the subconscious, strange distant worlds, bizarre and mythical creatures and most recently, the most iconic superheroes in pop culture. Over the years the scale of the projects has grown, the complexity of narratives, more epic world building, longer schedules, larger crews, more VFX… until now. Looking for an opportunity to change the alchemy, to challenge himself with new variables, to literally look at filmmaking through a new lens, Zack envisioned his next project. Embracing the curiosity calling from within, Zack set out to answer the question; what could be accomplished over the course of a few days, with a small group of friends and family, shooting simply on an iPhone. The result, SNOW STEAM IRON. After all, the most important part of storytelling is the story.

Zack Snyder working out a shot for Snow Steam Iron

The impact of releasing a short film like this on a private platform, particularly a social media platform, shouldn't go amiss. In order to see the short, the app has to be downloaded which means that you have to create an account. Snyder is a brand ambassador, but using films, particularly short films to lure people to your product is a pretty unique way of marketing both your product and the filmmaker's talent. Again there's no word on if there will be a wider release for the film, but it should open the floor up to discussion about marketing films and how the game has changed.

If releasing a film like this that was made just for fun but is attached to a big named director can be done, will there be other exclusive content that brands can make available if you download their app specifically? Could this lead to the creation of a Twitter film studio, a Facebook film studio, or an Instagram studio where upgrading to their premium services would get you content from DC Comics, Marvel, or Star WarsOnly time will tell.

In the meantime fans of Snyder's work who want to be completists or who might be curious about the nature of the film can download Vero in the App Store and on Google Play to discover Snow Steam Iron and the story he has to tell. It's not currently available on tablets or PC however, so break out the smartphones and get ready to see some haunting images.

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Snow Steam Iron is currently streaming on Zack Snyder's VERO page.

source: Zack Snyder

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