Zack Snyder Announces Short Film Titled Snow Steam Iron

Following his departure from the Justice League reshoots (due to a personal tragedy), director Zack Snyder has announced that he has finished a mysterious short film - one that was completed over the course of a single weekend, according to Snyder. The project is titled Snow Steam Iron and even has a poster now, though details beyond that have yet to be revealed. Snyder, for his part, has already teased that more information will be arriving "soon."

Although he didn't oversee the pickup shoots for Justice League and instead entrusted the job to Avengers filmmaker Joss Whedon (who is now officially credited as Justice League's cowriter alongside Chris Terrio, for his efforts), Snyder has continued to do his part to promote the DC Extended Universe team-up movie's release over the past few months. However, Snyder's latest social media update confirms that he has been up to more of late than simply posting images of Amazon warriors from Justice League and cheering on the film's cast/crew, from the sidelines.

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As this Twitter post from Snyder reveals (see below), Snow Steam Iron is a short film that he produced with "no money" and some "talented friends" over the course of three days (or so). The poster suggests that the project is some type of murder mystery (showing the outline of a body with blood on the ground around where its head was), while Snyder's mention of "talented friends" suggests that one or more of his frequent actor collaborators (think Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino and so forth) could be part of the short movie's cast.

What can you do with your talented friends & family, no money and a weekend? #SnowSteamIron #ShortFilm #ComingSoon

— Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) September 8, 2017

Snyder has spent several years directing DC comic book adaptations now, starting with his Superman movie reboot Man of Steel (which, technically, was the true beginning of the DCEU and not Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) - a project that hit theaters in 2013, but which Snyder began to properly work on all the way back in October of 2010. Graphic novel and comic book movies have been Snyder's forte for much of his filmmaking career, with exceptions like his directorial debut on the 2004 zombie horror film remake Dawn of the Dead and his 2010 movie Sucker Punch (an action flick with a decidedly comic book-inspired aesthetic). A short mystery/thriller would be an intriguing change of pace for Snyder for that reason, assuming that is indeed what Snow Steam Iron proves to be.

Once Justice League is released in theaters, Snyder is slated to step away from the DCEU for some time (if not permanently, depending on which rumors you believe). The filmmaker is expected to begin production on his belated wartime drama/thriller The Last Photograph not too long thereafter, though there are other projects that Snyder has mentioned over the years (like his George Washington biopic) that he could move forward with next, instead. Snow Steam Iron could serve as something of a sneak peek at what's to come in Snyder's moviemaking career next, now that he's taking a break from the world of DC Comics adaptations (and comic book films in general) for the next while.

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We will let you know when Snow Steam Iron releases online.

Source: Zack Snyder

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