Zack Snyder Removed Justice League Logo & Cover Photo from Twitter

In a move that's bound to ignite speculation, Zack Snyder has removed any trace of Justice League from his Twitter profile. Justice League was already under a certain amount of scrutiny given its blockbuster profile and its attempts to bring a number of DC characters to the big screen for the first time—not counting cameos. That spotlight only increased when Zack Snyder had to step down from the film to deal with a family tragedy, only for former Marvel helmer and future Batgirl director Joss Whedon to step in and finish the film.

By all accounts, Whedon's role is to merely usher the film through reshoots and oversee the editing. Still, many have speculated that the Avengers director could reshape Justice League past Snyder's original vision. For some, it's seen as a saving grace. For others, Whedon could potentially undo what so many seem to love about Snyder's style in the first place. While we await the next trailer for the film, we haven't learned that much about the upcoming movie. We've discovered a little about the Flash and Steppenwolf, but this week's Comic-Con will likely be where most new information about the film is unveiled. In the meantime, a new wrinkle has been added to the ongoing confusion surrounding the director change-up.

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Eagle-eyed fans will notice that Zack Snyder has removed both the Justice League logo from his profile picture and his cover photo over on Twitter. In its place is a blank header and a picture of himself for the avatar. Normally, a change like this wouldn't mean much, but given everything that's happening with Snyder and the film and the level of scrutiny the director must know he's under, it's a cause for some speculation.

The simplest explanation is that the change means nothing at all. Snyder stepped down from the movie and out of the spotlight specifically to avoid the attention this movie would draw to his family. The delayed erasing of Justice League from his profile coincided with a tweet honoring the late George Romero, his first return to Twitter since he stepped down. While fans may be fixated on moves such as this, Snyder likely never gave the matter a thought prior to his most recent tweet as he was spending time with his family instead of Tweeting, with the update to his profile only happening when he logged in to pay his respects.

For those who believe the final version of Justice League will be more Whedon's film than Snyder's, this will certainly add fuel to the fire. After all, if Snyder's vision is no longer being brought to life he could desire to distance himself from the project. Snyder didn't immediately step down after his daughter's passing, instead hoping that they could grieve in private, so it's possible he could have proceeded with the reshoots while maintaining that privacy, but with the inevitably long and gruelling press tour that accompanies tentpoles of this size, he understandably decided to opt out for the remainder of production.

All the evidence has pointed to the movie still being Snyder's vision as Joss Whedon isn't attending Comic-Con and may not even have his name appear in the movie's credits. Even so, until the movie's release in November, fans will have to get by on behind-the-scenes photos and rampant speculation while they await the upcoming marketing push for Justice League.

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