Zack Snyder Shares Image From Cut Lois & Martha Scene [Updated]

Henry Cavill and Diane Lane as Clark and Martha Kent in Man Of Steel

Continuing his own Easter Egg hunt of deleted scenes and special features missing from Justice League, director Zack Snyder reveals a new look at Lois Lane and Martha Kent sharing a tender farmhouse scene.

Although Justice League featured an all-star cast that included Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Galt Gadot, and Jason Momoa, there was still enough time to retrace Snyder's steps from Batman v Superman. The climax of 2016's movie saw Cavill's Superman sacrifice himself to save the world and subsequently end up six feet under. Fans knew that Clark wouldn't be gone for long, and Snyder managed to weave in both Diane Lane's Martha and Amy Adams' Lois as an integral part of restoring his humanity. Both women had relatively minor roles in the movie, but it looks like they were originally meant to have more of a mother/daughter-in-law bonding session.

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To celebrate International Women's Day and the two most important women in Superman's life, Snyder shared a behind-the-scenes snap of the two women having a hot drink and reminiscing about Clark at the ol' Kent farmhouse, from a deleted Justice League scene. [UPDATE: Upon further inspection, it has come to light that this scene takes place in Lois and Clark's apartment from Batman V Superman, not the Kent farmhouse.]

Martha Kent Lois Lane deleted Justice League scene

It is expected that both Lane and Adams will reprise their respective DC movie roles in Man of Steel 2, should that sequel eventually manage to get off the ground. Whether it be Steven S. DeKnight, a miraculous return to the DCEU for Snyder, or even Joss Whedon calling the shots, Matha and Lois are guaranteed to play a big part in that film. Cavill is also reportedly trying to extend his contract with the DCEU, meaning that Man of Steel 2 could be closer than first thought. If this is the case, expect Martha and Lois to share plenty of scenes and possibly put the plans in motion for a big Kent-Lane wedding.

It is sad that this farmhouse scene didn't make the final cut in Justice League, considering that it seems like a nice quiet moment that would've benefited the film. That being said, Snyder's recent flurry of activity on Vero has some people speculating. Only the other day, he shared a nod to the Watchmen in a scrapped Barry Allen scene, and he is constantly answering fan theories and questions about his time with the DCEU. Although the powers that be have constantly discredited the idea of a "Snyder Cut" happening, the sheer amount of material that Snyder is revealing suggests that it could be out there somewhere - meaning that Martha and Lois may eventually get to share that hot drink after all.

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Source: Zack Snyder

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