Snyder's Justice League Trilogy Plan: What Kevin Smith Got Right (& Wrong)

Kevin Smith recently revealed some information about Zack Snyder's original Justice League trilogy plans, and some of the information is correct, but there also a few major inaccuracies.

Speaking on his podcast, Fat Man on Batman, Smith revealed that he got to speak to some of the crew at Pinewood Studios while he was there to visit the set of Star Wars: Episode IX, and since Justice League was also filmed there, he said he got to speak to some individuals who worked on "both versions" of Justice League. Zack Snyder's version, and Joss Whedon's version (or "Josstice League" as he says they called it).

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Seeing as how he's relaying first-hand accounts, the information surely has validity, a lot of it matches up with what we've been writing about since Justice League's release, but some other information may have been confused or lost in translation because there are a few contradictions that we know are inaccurate (yet still close to the truth).

Jim Lee Breakdown Boards For 3 Justice League Movies

Elseworlds Jim Lee Sketch of The Monitor and John Deegan
A Jim Lee drawing of the Anti-Monitor and John Deegan used for the Arrowverse crossover.

Smith's first claim is that Zack Snyder planned a Justice League trilogy and Jim Lee had drawn breakdowns for the whole thing. This is true as far as we know. We already know Zack Snyder's 5 part plan included a Justice League trilogy after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Jim Lee drew art for them.

Justice League Ended in a Darkseid Cliffhanger

"The first movie was kind of what we saw. Fighting Steppenwolf. Beating Steppenwolf. Then, like, a fucking boom tube opened up, and they saw Darkseid, and Darkseid saw them. There was a mini scuffle or not, depending on who you're talking to. Boom tube closes, and that’s the end of the fucking movie. With them all knowing there’s something out there, and we have to go.”

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This is a mostly correct description of Snyder's plan, but it overstates slightly. We've covered extensively how Darkseid would have been introduced in Justice League and how his role would have actually been fairly sizeable between the flashback where he led the invasion and fought Ares, his appearance in the cut Knightmare scene, and the ending as Kevin Smith describes. However, that's not the true end of the movie. The movie would still finish off with a scene similar to what was in the theatrical version, only narrated by a recording by a deceased Silas Stone, including the shot of Superman tearing open his shirt, which we've seen Snyder shoot in behind the scenes footage.

Green Lantern Introduction

Kevin Smith's information about the Green Lantern tease was also partially inaccurate. The scene he describes where they used a green flashing light is a scene that was shot by Snyder with the intent to use for a post-credit scene with Killowag and Tomar Re approaching Bruce Wayne at his lake house. The scene Smith is describing from the trailer with Alfred where he says "he said you'd come, now lets hope you're not too late" was released as a deleted scene and shows a Henry Cavill with his properly shaved face (no CGI mustache removal), meaning that's the way Snyder originally shot it. Snyder also didn't plan on actually using the scene after all, so even if the Snyder Cut is released, it won't be a part of the story and the Green Lantern introduction would be solely in the history lesson.

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Justice League 2 Was Going Cosmic

“Justice League 2 was going cosmic as they take the fight to Apokolips - and New Genesis, presumably, but we know Apokolips - and the Lantern Corps was involved.”

This is another half-truth. Zack Snyder was planning to incorporate the Green Lantern Corps into Justice League 2 - we even know Charles Roven wanted to cast Mark Wahlberg - but it's an overstatement to say the movie was "going cosmic." There's obviously an element of DC cosmic involved because it's incorporating more Darkseid, and maybe the Green Lantern Corps would get some dedicated flashback history lessons, but the Justice League wasn't going to Apokalips to take the fight to Darkseid.

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Justice League 2 was set to take more inspiration from Grant Morrison's Final Crisis comic event where Darkseid comes to Earth with the Anti-Life Equation and Batman sacrifices himself, likely to save Lois.

They Lose and Justice League 3 is All About The Knightmare

Smith says Justice League 2 ended poorly, like The Empire Strikes Back or Avengers: Infinity War, and Justice League 3 would have been all about the post-apocalyptic Knightmare scene glimpsed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder's plans for Justice League 3 aren't as widely known as Justice League 2, or Justice League (the Snyder Cut), but it has been vaguely described as an Injustice inspired movie, or something that heavily dealt with the Knightmare continuity.

Given, the Knightmare that we see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has all the markings of an alternate timeline, and we know Batman sacrifices himself instead of being killed by an evil Superman as he is there, so there's clearly some more nuance to the exact nature of the movie than that, but Smith's description as the "heroes last stand against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips" is as good of a description as we've heard so far.

Unfortunately, we'll likely never see most of this vision. As Smith notes, it sounds hardcore and "metal," but with Zack Snyder moving on to new projects, the Snyder Cut is still an eventuality, and something Smith called for WB to release, but the part 2 and 3 will likely only be seen if completed for a different medium.

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