Zack Snyder Confirms Original Justice League Script Was Not Shot

Zack Snyder's true plan for Justice League will never be realized, as his original script for the film was never shot. It wasn't too long ago that Warner Bros. and DC Films believed Snyder could help them make a very successful cinematic universe that was also different to Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe. He had a plan in place for a large, epic story that only grew as the studio's interests in creating a true shared universe full of interconnecting franchises became bigger. His original five-film plan quickly became a six year slate of DC films that were announced in 2014.

The original plan made it as far as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice untouched, but even by BvS, films like Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman were deep in development. Still, Snyder was gearing up to begin production on the first of two Justice League movie in early 2016 when the response to BvS arrived. It was much harsher than they were anticipating, with WB taking a more hands-on approach after pushback from critics and a vocal section of general audiences. The fallout from Justice League - which received mixed reviews and is the lowest grossing entry in the DCEU at the box office - has been complicated to say the least.

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However, one of the biggest stories to come out of the film is the desire to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League released, as the movie that hit theaters clearly was changed from his original vision. There's been plenty of debate over whether or not such a cut exists and how/if it could be released if it does. Unfortunately, not even this version of the film would be accurate to what Snyder originally wanted to do it appears. During the Q&A section at his Director's Cut event that followed a screening of the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman (and as shared on Twitter by Screen Rant's own Stephen Colbert), Snyder revealed that his original script for Justice League was scrapped before it even got made.

It's already been made clear that Justice League is not the movie that Snyder intended it to be, but this means that no version of the completed film ever could have been. The mandated rewrites that Snyder and Terrio had to do leading up to the start of filming was just the beginning though. Geoff Johns was brought aboard the project and did his own round of rewrites on the script and story, while Justice League was famously overhauled even more when Snyder stepped away and Joss Whedon took over as director, after the studio showed the current cut of the film to several writers.

While it's understandable why WB and DC were so hands-on after two less than unanimously loved films were released, the constant tinkering to try and make an immediate "course correction" with Justice League was a near impossible task. Furthermore, the decision is a disappointing one for those who did enjoy Snyder's take on the DC characters. Even though there's been plenty of teases of what he had in store for the future, we'll never truly know how it all would've played out - not even with a Snyder Cut of Justice League. Unless Snyder is able to one day properly tell his story, through a comic or animated movies perhaps, it's now confirmed that the version of Justice League many are most interested in seeing died after the response to Batman v Superman.

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Source: Stephen Colbert/Twitter

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