Zack Snyder Pokes Fun at Justice League's Mustache Issues

Not even Zack Snyder is shying away from poking fun at Henry Cavill's CGI-removed mustache in Justice League. It has been well documented at this point just how difficult of a production Justice League actually was. With the final product now out, opinions have already been formed - especially when it comes to Superman's look. No, this isn't concerning the lacking presence of the black Superman suit (outside of the deleted scenes). We're talking about how Warner Bros. had to digitally remove Cavill's mustache during reshoots.

Thanks to the extensive reshoots that followed Snyder's departure and Tom Cruise's injury halting production on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the Justice League filming schedule became even more complicated. Paramount would not allow Cavill to shave his mustache, forcing WB to remove the now infamous 'stache in post-production. The final result has spawned countless jokes, criticisms, and more, and now Snyder is joining in.

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Snyder posted a new photo on the app Vero today that showed his growing facial hair, while making a joke that he needs to shave. When a fan then responded by saying he could simply remove it using CGI, Snyder replied with a very obvious jab at Justice League's experience and the final product:

What a man

— Gerda (@daveglee1907) February 28, 2018

This could be taken in a few ways, but it is more likely just Snyder having a bit of fun. Whatever someone's personal thoughts on Justice League may be, it is nearly universally agreed that Cavill's lip is distracting. Not only that, but it is an obvious sign of scenes filmed under Joss Whedon's vision, and not when Snyder was still in charge. Considering Snyder left the project under heartbreaking circumstances, its nice to see that even he can have some fun with his former project.

It does however show Snyder is very much aware of the criticisms over Justice League and the ongoing talk that surrounds it. While it plays as a quick joke from the former director, there is the chance he is being a bit more critical. Reports have surfaced that he was fired from Justice League, so this could be him relishing the opportunity to critique the movie. Even if that was the case, it would be an understandable reaction. He isn't taking a shot at the story or character portrayals however, so he's not singling out any particular people if that was the case. This entire situation was an obstacle no one saw coming, and WB did what they could. Since we don't know what exactly Snyder's mindset was when making this comment, we'll lean to the side that this is all in good nature and fun.

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Source: Zack Snyder's Vero (via @daveglee1907)

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