What Was Zack Snyder's FULL Plan For the Knightmare Scenes?

What Justice League 2 Would've Been About

Zack Snyder's Justice League 2 clearly isn't happening the way that he had envisioned it. And since much of what he set up was removed or otherwise altered in Justice League, it's difficult to tell exactly what his then-planned 2019 sequel would've been like. Still, there are certain plot threads that are easily decipherable, such as Darkseid potentially being the main villain and coming to conquer Earth. Darkseid's original appearance in Cyborg's Knightmare premonition was meant to tease his arrival in Justice League 2. Moreover, Darkseid's entire presence in the sequel logically would've been heavily inspired by Grant Morrison's Final Crisis comic book event series in which he gains control of the Anti-Life Equation and takes charge over Earth and virtually its entire human population.

Based on all the evidence, the bulk of Justice League 2 would've been dedicated to preventing the Knightmare timeline from happening, thus meaning that Batman needed to thwart whatever event lead to Lois Lane's death as well as help the League in defeating Darkseid so that he can't obtain the Anti-Life Equation and lure Superman to his side. Since the team was down one character in the first movie, it makes sense for the Green Lantern Corps to also have been introduced - or, at least, teased - in Justice League 2. And putting together everything, the sequel could've given fans an ideal conclusion to a story arc that started with 2013's Man of Steel.

What Justice League 2's Story Would've Meant

Sure, the Justice League stopped Steppenwolf without much difficulty, especially since Superman joined in on the fun, but that wouldn't have been the case for Justice League 2. With one of DC's biggest bads coming to town, there were bound to be some casualties in the sequel. One of the most recent revelations from Zack Snyder is that Superman's death in Batman V Superman actually teased even more deaths in Justice League sequel. If audiences look closely in that scene, they can see three crosses in the background. Snyder explicitly confirmed that those crosses were a tease for Justice League 2... #untilitwasnt.

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Considering Snyder's overuse of religious themes and references, it's presumable that the crosses referenced the potential deaths of the Trinity - both physically and ideally. As previously mentioned, Knightmare Superman, though alive, was ideally dead (e.g. "God is dead"); the same applies to Batman. In BvS' Knightmare sequence, Batman is seen blatantly killing his enemies, perhaps because he had abandoned his ideals by that point. As for Wonder Woman, it's possible that she was dead since she wasn't seen or referenced in the sequence at all. Even if the Knightmare sequence was prevented, though, that doesn't mean at least one of the Leaguers still wouldn't have died in the final battle against the Apokoliptian overlord.

How Justice League 2 Could've Ended

What's interesting about the potential Final Crisis story arc, Darkseid, and the Anti-Life Equation is that Batman eventually sacrifices himself to save the day in that crossover event. Considering that Ben Affleck has been looking for a way to segue out of his Batman role, it's possible that Batman would've died to defeat Darkseid in Justice League 2, thus saving the day and effectively preventing the Knightmare timeline from taking effect. After all, Superman blamed Batman for Lois' death and he was alive in Batman V Superman's sequence. So, by sacrificing himself and beating the Apokoliptian tyrant, Batman could've broken the timeline that lead to the Knightmare sequence in BvS. But that idea seemed to also change since Affleck was later set to write, direct, and star in The Batman solo movie.

Overall, this outline would've concluded Zack Snyder's planned DCEU story arc as well as Affleck's tenure as the Caped Crusader (and given Superman a true story arc from beginning to end), since he didn't want to play Batman for as many years as his fellow superhero actors played their roles. But now, it seems that the villain(s) of the inevitable Justice League sequel will actually be the Legion of Doom, which is intriguing in and of itself, but still not what Snyder seems to have envisioned for Justice League 2... or the DCEU.

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