How Much Input Does Zack Snyder Have On Justice League's Final Cut?

While Joss Whedon may have taken over Justice League's reshoots, but Zack Snyder is still involved and could have significant influence over the movie.

The full course of the DC Extended Universe may not have been charted yet when Zack Snyder was first hired to direct Man of Steel (some people would say that plan still hasn't developed today) but that modern cinematic take on the Last Son of Krypton ultimately ended up serving as a springboard for the entirety of the DCEU. Snyder returned for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicein which he sowed the seeds of a full blown DC movie universe. He also served as a producer for Suicide Squad (and even shot the Flash cameo for director David Ayer) and also got story and producer credits on Wonder Woman and also served as director on Justice League - at least initially.

While every movie but Wonder Woman was met with severe backlash, Snyder's work in getting the DCEU off the ground is undeniable, and with the franchise's first four films bringing in over $3 billion of revenue for Warner Bros., it's hard to say his vision has been anything but successful. Divisive? Sure. Polarizing? Definitely. But, nonetheless, very successful. Tragically, Snyder's family was rocked by the terrible news of the death of his daughter during the production of Justice League, leaving the director to hand the movie off to Avengers director Joss Whedon (whom Snyder had already recruited to write some additional dialogue) so he could spend some much needed time with family.

Due to the nature of news surrounding the DCEU, the negativity that tends to be leveled at Snyder's contributions, and the fact that he's been replaced by Joss Whedon - very much Snyder's mirror image in many respects - has raised the question of whether or not Warner Bros. is using Snyder's exit to pivot the entire universe away from the vision he helped conceive to something more in-line with Marvel - a universe Whedon also helped build. Repeated rumors over the true extent of the reshoots only fan the flames, and Joss Whedon bringing in Danny Elfman to replace Junkie XL, the composer Snyder had selected for the project, seemed to be clear writing on the wall.

Now, a new report from Mashable purports that Zack Snyder's role in the DCEU won't be ramping back up after Justice League, and his future involvement with the franchise is going to be significantly diminished, seemingly confirming - at least for some - that Snyder's influence on Justice League has been totally usurped as Geoff Johns and Joss Whedon take the franchise in a fresh direction free of Snyder's polarizing aesthetic, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

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