Zack Snyder Delivers New Image of Batman in Justice League

Ben Affleck as Batman Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Though he's stepped down from the project, Zack Snyder took some time to share a new image from this fall's Justice League highlighting the Dark Knight. So far, fan and critical reaction to the DCEU has been largely split. While the first three films did well at the box office and found a dedicated audience, they were hardly well-received by critics. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, broke that trend by performing well on all fronts. In fact, the movie continues to post strong numbers at the box office weeks after its release. For Warner Bros. and DC, they're likely hoping that success will continue with this November's Justice League.

A new wrench was thrown into the works when the director had to step down from the film ahead of a series of planned reshoots. Stepping in to replace him was Joss Whedon, the recently announced writer and director of the DCEU's Batgirl. With reshoots recently wrapping up, Whedon likely will have a good deal of influence on the final film. In the meantime, fans are eagerly anticipating the next trailer release, while getting by on various teases from the film.

The latest glimpse of the movie comes from Snyder himself, who took to his Vero social media account to share a new shot of Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League.

The shot itself doesn't offer anything fans haven't seen before. In fact, it's hard to see much of anything at all. Whether actual film or run through a filter, the dark, high contrast shot fits perfectly with Snyder's chosen aesthetic. For some, it's what they love about the filmmaker.

While the image may worry some about the tone and visual clarity of the upcoming film, it's important to remember that Whedon will be overseeing the editing and post-production of the final film. We've also heard that he's been working to shape the DCEU longer than we've known, so it's possible his brighter style may win out. Besides, the next phase of the DCEU may aim to follow in the footsteps of Wonder Woman, which was something of a departure for the burgeoning comic book universe and proved to be much less divisive in its presentation.

With Comic-Con just around the corner, expect a better look at the movie and possibly even the next full trailer. In the meantime, we'll keep you posted on all the new Justice League news that arrives.

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