Zack Snyder Reveals Why Superman is Evil in BvS' Knightmare Scene

Zack Snyder sheds light on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's Knightmare scene by explaining why Superman was evil during Batman's infamous vision. With the filmmaker no longer directly involved with the slew of upcoming DCEU films (except for several producer credits), it's safe to assume that his original vision for the franchise will no longer be realized. In fact, despite him taking sole director credit for last year's Justice League, the flick was only a shell of what he originally intended to be, as the Joss Whedon-helmed extensive reshoots changed quite a bit of his principal photography-shot version of the movie.

While Warner Bros. has yet to announce whether or not a Justice League 2 (in whatever form) is still on their roster, the DCEU has a few projects in various stages of development, enough to continue rolling out films for the next several years. That means that it may take quite some time before all League members reunite on the big screen again. But in an alternate reality where Snyder's DC films were more well-received and he's allowed to flesh out his narrative, apparently, more deaths are on the horizon, including Lois Lane's.

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Over the last few weeks, Snyder has become more and more active on Vero True Social - engaging with other users who continue to discuss his trio of DC Films projects. Last month, he confirmed an Easter Egg in BvS that would've made much more sense in Justice League 2. Now, he has once again taken to the platform to explain why Superman was pure evil in Dawn of Justice's enigmatic Knightmare scene, insinuating that it has something to do with Lois supposedly being killed. The emotional turmoil of the predicament would've made him "susceptible to a certain Equation," -  the Anti-Life Equation, which he already previously hinted at. All of this leads to the Flash's mysterious warning to Batman. Check out the director's latest full post below (via kushal/Twitter):

Snyder's newest reveal perfectly fits our theories of what would've gone down with Justice League 2. Originally poised as a two-parter, Part 1 would've been the introduction and eventual failure of Steppenwolf (as seen in Justice League). This paves the way for Darkseid's descent to Earth considering that the human race supposedly has the key to unlocking the Equation's full power as seen in the pages of the comics.  It's uncertain how Lois would've bit the bullet, but with Snyder being more outspoken regarding his canned DCEU plans, it's not impossible we'll learn about it down the line. Fans might never get the much-clamored Snyder Cut, but they may know the filmmaker's grand narrative plan for Superman which began in Man of Steel.

Based on what we know thus far, Snyder's version of the DCEU would've remained consistent in tone with that of the divisive Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, if not grittier and darker. But since that team-up film was met with mixed reactions from the masses, significant changes have been made for subsequent films in the franchise, with Warner Bros. allegedly wanting a lighter take on their shared superhero universe. Having said that, one thing is certain, the filmmaker had a vision and knew what he was doing by mining different story elements from the comics and weaving them into a cohesive film narrative - exactly how a shared cinematic universe should be done. Sure, the payoff might've still been a long way off, but at least he had a clear creative direction.

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Source: Zack  Snyder/Vero (via kushal/Twitter)

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