Zack Snyder: It Would Be 'Unfair' To Take Over Justice League Again

Justice League director Zack Snyder is seemingly confirming the long simmering rumors that he's been largely uninvolved with the film since departing the production earlier this year in the wake of a family tragedy.

Snyder has been at the forefront of the DC Extended Universe before it even was a universe. His Superman reboot Man of Steel would eventually become the foundation of a much larger world that included his own followup, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and Patty Jenkins' triumphant Wonder Woman, which has ruled the 2017 summer box office and is turning its eyes to potential awards season accolades. Snyder was deep into production on his third DCEU film, Justice League, when his daughter's tragic death prompted him to depart the production, handing the reins to Avengers director Joss Whedon, who has overseen extensive reshoots, script changes, and the film's lengthy post-production process.

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Snyder seems more than happy to let Whedon do as he sees fit with the film at this point. In a new interview with Wired, the director shares his thoughts on the current status of Justice League, indicating he hasn't had an active role in the film's production since departing earlier this year, even going so far as to say it would be "unfair in a lot of ways" for him to rejoin the production in a major way. Still, Snyder stresses that he's rooting for the film's success and has faith in Whedon and the cast.

Zack Snyder working on Deathstroke storyboards for Justice League movie

“I’m at a place where I feel excited about it and I’m happy for my guys and I love these people that are working on it, and they’re my family and I think they’re doing an amazing job. But I’ve kind of just let them do their thing.”

This confirms quite a few of the rumors that have been swirling all year, as debate has raged over how much of the film Whedon has changed through reshoots, and whether or not the changes were made with Snyder's blessing. This would seem to be a rather graceful confirmation from Snyder that Justice League is at the very least, as Ben Affleck recently put it, an equal product of two directors. That's not without precedent in the history of superhero films; Richard Lester famously took over for the fired Richard Donner on Superman II, to largely successful results.

While Snyder's future with the DCEU seems murky at best, it's a positive sign that he's still publicly rooting for Justice League's success, even if his direct involvement is limited at this point.

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Source: Wired

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