Darkseid's Arc in Zack Snyder's Justice League Was WAY Bigger Than We Thought

Even though he was entirely cut from the theatrical cut of Justice League, Zack Snyder's original plans for Darkseid included a much fuller character arc than most fans assumed. Snyder helped create the story for Justice League and completed 100% of principal photography before he was pushed out of the project, and it's slowly becoming more and more clear how different his original version of the movie was.

Under Joss Whedon, extensive reshoots reshaped Justice League, completely removing Darkseid and leaving Steppenwolf as the only villain, but it's since become apparent that Darkseid wasn't only teased, but he may have actually had a character arc as well. While Steppenwolf still would have been the primary antagonist, the movie may have presented Darkseid in a similar light to Sauron in The Fellowship of the Ring, introducing him through a flashback and positioning him as the master of all the evil the heroes fight throughout the story.

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Significant work was completed on the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, but Warner Bros. currently has no intention of completing it or distributing it. Given the extensive changes that took place, the true original plan for the movie has been a major focus of many fans who are slowly uncovering the puzzle pieces of the original intent for Snyder's Justice League, which is how we now know the true extent of Darkseid's original role in the movie.

Darkseid Was Introduced In the Flashback as Uxas

A lot of information about Darkseid's role in Justice League has come to light recently, causing fans to look at an old piece of concept art differently. The figure in the art was always assumed to be an alternate Steppenwolf design because Steppenwolf was the one depicted at the ancient invasion flashback in the theatrical cut, but when Zack Snyder was asked about it, he simply replied "Uxas."

For anyone that doesn't know, Uxas is Darkseid before he took the name Darkseid for himself. The major implication from Snyder's reveal here isn't just confirmation that Darkseid was meant to appear, but that it was that it was a younger Darkseid who hadn't yet obtained godhood, meaning there was actually an opportunity for growth for the character and he wouldn't simply be introduced as a fully formed villain.

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In the comics, Uxas , the son of Yuga Khan - the ruler of Apokolips - and Heggra, wanted the throne for himself, even though his brother, Drax, was next in the line of succession. Turning on Drax, Uxas stopped him from gaining the power of the Omega Force and achieving godhood, claiming the power for himself and taking the name "Darkseid."

Darkseid claimed the throne of Apokolips and began to seek out more power for himself, particularly through the Anti-Life equation, which is a scientific formula that is literally anti-life and can be used to circumvent free will itself. He believed much of this equation could be discovered on Earth and might be even be locked inside the minds of humans.

Knowing it was supposed to originally be Darkseid (or Uxas, rather) in the history lesson flashback instead of Steppenwolf makes a lot of sense, especially since the Anti-Life equation was supposed to be in play. Snyder also confirming that Uxas was seeking power on Earth is another big link to Darkseid's overall plot in the movie.

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