New Image From Zack Snyder's Cut of Justice League Shows Cyborg in STAR Labs

Zack Snyder shares a brand new image from the Snyder Cut of Justice League centered around Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Even though Warner Bros. and DC Films have largely moved on, the fandom behind the "Snyder Era" of a possible DC shared universe is still strong. Not only that, but there's still plenty of discussion over what Snyder did create, as well as what could've been. The latter is most notable with Justice League, which had a storied and rocky production process consisting of major rewrites, reshoots, studio meddling, and Snyder ultimately stepping away.

All of these factors resulted in the Justice League movie that hit theaters in late 2017 performing fine, but nowhere near expectations. It also saw a section of DC fans become even more vocal of their support of Snyder's vision, which started the movement for the Snyder Cut of Justice League to be released. Snyder shot a ton of footage and scenes that never made it to the screen, making the final product hardly the one he originally envisioned - even though his original vision was never even shot.

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While the chances of a Snyder Cut being released are slim, the director has released a brand new still from Justice League on Vero that's noticeably a departure from the theatrical cut. The image is of Ray Fisher's Cyborg - with completed CGI - standing in STAR Labs with Flash (Ezra Miller) behind him. The focus of the shot for Snyder is on the single tear that can be seen falling from Cyborg. Check out the photo below before we try to piece together how this scene could've factored into Snyder's story.

Cyborg is one of the characters who saw a lot of his own story cut out of Justice League or abandoned entirely through reshoots and rewrites. One of the major changes that was made was in regards to Cybrog's father Silas Stone, who was originally set to die at the hands of Steppenwolf. This was completely changed, but it makes sense for the human emotion that the half-robot is feeling here to be from the death of his father. If that's the case, it's not clear if Silas was going to die at STAR Labs and this is Cyborg's immediate emotional response, or if he was intended to die in captivity beneath the city.

Regardless of where Silas' death and Victor's response would've taken place in Snyder's cut of Justice League, it would set up a very different future for both characters. Silas would no longer be around to help his son, leaving Victor to figure out life on his own, instead of working side-by-side with his father as presented at the end of the theatrical cut. Cyborg appears to have an unclear future with DC anyway, so it's possible that neither of these different storylines will be continued. And unless WB changes their stance, stills like these are likely going to be all we get from the Justice League movie that Snyder was planning.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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