Justice League: Every Confirmed Change to Zack Snyder's Version

Silas Stone Originally Died

Silas Stone wasn’t only supposed to have a bigger role due to more Cyborg scenes and more S.T.A.R. Labs scenes, but he was also supposed to be killed off, serving as a major motivation for Cyborg in the rest of the movie.

The death scene most likely happened during the cut S.T.A.R. Labs battle scene, which is why there’s no clear point where his death was reshot.

There Was a Cut Military Subplot From Justice League

Man of Steel Trailer Images - Superman Faces the Army

After watching Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one of the biggest changes to Zack Snyder’s approach is that there’s no larger media, government, or military presence, and it turns out, there was a significant military subplot removed.

According to actor Sam Benjamin, who is credited in IMDB as Military Policeman #2, says he shot an entire 20-minute military subplot including scenes with the villains and an action scene.

The Justice League vs Superman Battle Looked a Lot Different

The scene where Superman fights the Justice League in Hero’s Park was significantly altered in a number of small ways. While the overall concept of the fight was largely the same, a lot of the dialogue was reshot, the military (who would have also been attacked by Superman) was removed, and the scene was significantly brightened to take place at day instead of night.

The resolution to the battle was also changed, with Alfred rushing in with Lois, “the big guns.” Former Jimmy Olsen actor, Marc McClure has confirmed he was supposed to be a police officer that acted as Lois Lane’s chauffeur throughout most of the film, and we know from the trailers that he was already on the scene much earlier, as there’s a shot of Cyborg saving him from a flaming humvee. It’s possible, if not likely, that Lois played a role in Superman coming to his senses, but it didn’t happen as portrayed in the theatrical cut.

Superman's Black Suit Made an Appearance

When Superman famously returned from the in the comics, he wore a black suit, so fans were curious if he’d wear something similar in Justice League, only to find it was entirely absent in the theatrical version of the movie. Nevertheless, one of the deleted scenes included in the movie’s home release saw Kal-El return to the Kryptonian ship to recover his Superman suit, and a black version of the suit can be seen in the background.

The black suit appears to simply be an Easter egg, but with so much of Superman’s role reshot, it’s possibly Snyder had bigger plans for the black suit before leaving the project.

Superman's (Second) First Flight

One of the biggest fan favorite moments in Man of Steel was Superman’s “first flight,” after findng his suit on the scout ship and he takes to the skies for the first time. While Superman is brought back from the dead in Justice League, fans felt like the movie was missing (among other things), a “First Flight 2.0.” As it turns out, that exact scene was shot, as confirmed by a Zack Snyder storyboard, and would have taken place immediately after the deleted black suit scene, but utimately wasn’t in the movie.

Superman Meets Alfred

Another released deleted scene bookends Superman’s first flight and the black suit scene, and it contained Superman meeting Alfred. A part of the scene was included in marketing, so it was one of many scenes glaringly missing in the final cut, and it depicted Alfred working on a car at Bruce Wayne’s lakeside house when Superman arrives. After introductions, Alfred tells Superman “he said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late.”

This line of dialogue obviously nods to even more deleted content, but likely references Bruce telling Alfred that Superman would indeed return, indicating Superman is still a beacon of hope, at least for Batman.

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