Justice League: Every Confirmed Change to Zack Snyder's Version

Aquaman Backstory and Atlantis Lore

Aquaman also saw a significant bit of his backstory cut. The reshoots made major alterations to the Djúpavík Iceland scene, including a likely appearance from Mera.  Zack Snyder posted images of Amber Heard in full Mera costume from Iceland, but due to lack of context, it’s hard to know what role she played in that part of the film, since the theatrical cut bears no trace of her presence. Blockbuster costume, hair, and makeup departments don’t just get someone in character for fun, though, and Amber Heard heard had no business being in Iceland otherwise.

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Willem Dafoe’s Vulko also shot scenes for Justice League, but was entirely removed. Nothing is known about the nature of his scenes, though.

When it comes to Atlantis, Justice League was never going to reveal Atlantis itself, since Zack Snyder was leaving that to James Wan’s Aquaman solo movie, but there was way more Atlantean lore in the original cut.

As shown in a VFX test posted by Zack Snyder before he left the project, Aquaman approached the Dead King’s throne, but the scene was altered for the theatrical cut so a dead Atlantean soldier is floating in front of where the Dead King was before.

Since Aquaman has his armor and quindent when he joins up with the Justice League, he presumably was going to Atlantis to get those. Knowing he encountered Mera back in Iceland, his pit stop in Atlantis may have been related to whatever they talked about there.

The Whole League Was at Clark Kent's Grave

The theatrical cut doesn’t dedicate much time to the retrieval of Superman’s body, other than a brief scene with Flash and Cyborg actually digging up his grave, but according to a photo released by Snyder, the whole team was supposed to be there.

Considering Kansas is halfway across the country from Metropolis and Gotham, this whole moment in the movie was likely more significant. As it is, Cyborg and Flash basically teleport to Clark’s grave for a brief scene, then basically teleport back with the body. Adding the rest of the League to this scene means there’s definitely more missing from this section.

Justice League Originally Continued Batman v Superman's Knightmare Plot

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice included the infamous “Knightmare” scene where Batman is seen leading a resistance in an apocalyptic future ruled by Darkseid to acquire Kryptonite before he’s attacked and captured by Parademons and killed by Superman. Bruce Wayne jolts awake in the Batcave at the end, only to be greeted by The Flash, breaking through time and space to deliver a cryptic message.

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that wasn’t the end of Snyder’s plan for the Knightmare. His originally intended 5 movie arc likely would have been littered with similar scenes, leading up to some grand culmination in the end. Justice League ultimately had no connection to the Knightmare scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but thanks to a leaked storyboard, we know what it would have featured.

This new Knightmare scene would have started after Cyborg plugged into the Kryptonian scout ship before showing the rubble of the Hall of Justice before the camera panned to show the same Omega Symbol in Gotham Harbor from the last Knightmare scene. Darkseid appears in the storyboard, and he appears to use the Mother Boxes to form the unity and terraform the planet.

Lois Lane Visiting The Superman Memorial

Justice League's opening montage shows Lois Lane paying her respects at the Superman memorial in Hero's Park where Superman had initially confronted Doomsday, but it turns out there was supposed to be a full scene of this moment, including an appearance by former Jimmy Olsen actor Marc McClure, who was repurposed into a prison guard for the theatrical cut.

As revealed by Zack Snyder in a storyboard, Lois stops to get coffee, which she takes to McClure's police character as he guards the memorial. He says "you don't miss a day, do you?" Implying that she visits the scene regularly. These kinds of mundane moments are noticeably missing from the final cut, especially with Lois, who has a significantly diminished role compared to her previous turns as the character.

Lois and Martha's Side Story Was Replaced

A still from a deleted Justice League scene in which Martha and Lois share a moment

Lois and Martha both had a really small role in the theatrical cut of Justice League after being major players in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is understandable because of all the new characters, but the footage of them that ended up in the theatrical cut was mostly Joss Whedon reshoots.

While the Joss Whedon scene was mostly the two characters talking about Clark, with the TV news making an alien probing joke and Martha making the “thirsty” joke, we still don’t know what was being reshot. Snyder released an image of Lois and Martha in Lois’ Metropolis apartment, but without context, their original story is still entirely unknown.

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