Justice League: Every Confirmed Change to Zack Snyder's Version

Darkseid Was in The Movie And Played An Important Role

Outside of a vague shout-out by Steppenwolf, Darkseid makes no appearance in the theatrical cut of Justice League, but he was supposed to play a much, much bigger role in the Snyder Cut. It’s not clear if these scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, or were removed from the script in earlier stages, or a little of both, but Darkseid would have made multiple appearances in Zack Snyder’s movie.

The first reference that we know of would have come in a cutscene where Wonder Woman explores a shrine containing murals of an ancient invasion of Earth. On that mural, there’s an image of Darkseid leading his parademons, along with greek text describing the events of the battle.

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In the theatrical cut, the battle was led by Steppenwolf, but according to the mural, Darkseid actually led the battle. Or, Uxas, the younger, pre-Darkseid version of the character, per a comment made by Zack Snyder. In this battle, Darkseid would have faced off against the Greek gods, specifically Ares in an epic battle before being driven away from the Earth.

Given the prominence of Darkseid earlier in the movie, it’s possible he had more interraction with Steppenwolf throughout, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. His last appearance also isn’t confirmed, but it’s a fairly logical certainty. Stepenwolf’s defeat is clearly heavily edited at the end of the movie, and a report before the movie came out said that the ending was being reshot to remove a Darkseid cliffhanger. When presented with a missing behind-the-scenes shot from this moment, Snyder said the League was looking at a Boom Tube. It was likely more than just Boom Tube, and this is where Darkseid would reveal himself to the League.

Cyborg’s Origins and Backstory Were Cut

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Before Justice League's release, Zack Snyder said Cyborg was supposed to be the heart of the movie, so it was surprising to fans when Cyborg got surprisingly little setup and may have suffered from some of the most significant changes outside of Superman. A number of deleted scenes show him discovering his powers, learning about his ability to fly, tap into computer networks, deploy weapons, and more.

Another deleted scene shows Cyborg learning the history of the Mother Boxes, including their apparent discovery by Nazis and more. Since he’s born of a Mother Box, this isn’t just the box's history, but his as well. A storyboard from this scene shows that it follows the Mother Box up until it transforms Victor Stone into Cyborg, showing an alternate version of his origins from the lab cam feed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a scene that likely resembled Doctor Manhattan's transformation in Watchmen.

Ray Fisher was also supposed to have more time as Victor Stone, with a scene of him playing football leading into a car accident that kills his mom and severely injures him before we see a new perspective of his birth as Cyborg.

All of this was condensed down into the theatrical cut’s apartment scene with Silas Stone, with brief exposition establishing the hight points of his backstory.

Flash's Backstory and Iris West

Another leaked deleted scene would have shown Barry Allen zipping out of a corner store to save Iris West from near death in a car accident. Iris West ended up being entirely removed from the movie, so it’s not known if she played a significant role outside this scene, or if it was just a flashback about Barry learning his powers, but it was definitely more backstory than what ended up in the final film.

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