Justice League: Every Confirmed Change to Zack Snyder's Version

The Parademon's Hate the Siren and Smell Fear

One of the first scenes in the movie made a change that also tied through the majority of the movie and was used to streamline the plot, and that’s the rooftop scene where Batman captures a parademon. Thanks to an interview with the actor that played the thief in that scene, we know it was a Whedon addition, and that means the concept of a siren that attracts the parademons and the fact that they smell fear was also introduced through reshoots.

Those concepts would be brought back in the final act, reducing Batman’s role to playing that same siren noise to attract the parademons, then also with Steppenwolf attracting the parademons to himself because he felt fear. It's still not known what plot elements were replaced by this.

The Opening Credits Were Mostly Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Freeform

Zack Snyder is famous for his opening credits scenes. While he’s controversial on the whole, most people agree that his opening credits for Dawn of the Dead and Watchmen are masterworks. That makes it odd that Justice League’s opening credits weren’t all his design.

It’s possible some of the footage used in the opening credits is his, some of it even repurposed from other moments of the movie, but the song, “Everybody Knows” by Sigrid, was actually selected by Whedon, as he revealed on Twitter.

Lex Luthor's Role

Instead of Batman learning about parademons by catching them and making them explode, he was actually learning from Lex Luthor’s journal, and possibly from Lex himself. It’s not clear how much of Lex was cut, but we know Batman was using his journal because we see it in a couple scenes, and he also makes a reference to it at one point. The thing is, the journal contains information about the Mother Boxes Luthor didn’t learn about until the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it couldn't have been confiscated with the rest of Luthor's possessions.

Thanks to concept art, we know Lex was supposed to be in a cell in Arkham with a journal where he was likely recording all the information he was exposed to on the Kryptonian ship when he connected with Steppenwolf. That means Batman likely paid him a visit to interrogate him and get the journal sometime early in the movie. Luthor’s role was reduced to a simple post-credits scene, but his influence was likely far more significant in the first half of the movie.

Superman's Story Was Almost Entirely Re-shot

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League With and Without Mustache

The changes to Superman are hard to pin down because they’re some of the most pervasive in the whole movie, and the fact that he wasn’t in any marketing means there’s no original footage to compare against. What is evident, though, is what is Superman reshoots, because Henry Cavill’s mustache for his role in Mission Impossible 6 couldn’t be shaved, meaning there’s an awkward digital upper lip on all Superman’s new scenes.

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Based on the upper lip changes, it’s evident that almost all of Superman was reshoot, particularly dialogue, aside from a moment or two in the final battle, part of the scene with Bruce at the Kent farm at the end, and the very last shot of him pulling his shirt open to reveal the Superman symbol in classic fashion.

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