Zack Snyder Confirms Batman V Superman Voice Cameo

Zack Snyder has confirmed a fan's theory that he used his own voice for a cameo appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. As evidenced by a slew of other behind-the-scenes reveals to fans over social media, Snyder seems to be having fun encouraging fans to pull apart the details of his DCEU films.

The director is not new to cameo appearances, either. In Justice League, he made an appearance sitting in a cafe, while he also could be seen in Wonder Woman as a U.S. soldier. Snyder's cameos give hardcore fans good reason to revisit his DCEU entries, although they are on the less speculative side of the spectrum of Easter eggs the director left behind. A recent example of a vague reveal can be found in Snyder's hints that an open Kryptonian pod in Man of Steel was meant to lead to "something more" for the DC movie universe. As such, there is plenty of room for speculation - even with more revelations - about Snyder's original intentions for the franchise.

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The latest Easter egg was discovered by a fan who took to Vero (via Reddit) to ask Snyder to confirm. Quoting the line in question, the user inquired about Snyder's voiceover, saying, "'Yeah we got it.' Zack, I am 95% sure you read these lines, the voice is just too similar." Snyder simply replied, "Got me."

The line takes place during a dream sequence of the film in which Batman is lured into a trap and is eventually led to Superman. The character whose voice is dubbed by Snyder is at the center of Batman's capture; after he discovers that he has been tricked, the man pulls a gun on him, saying, "I'm sorry." The lines are certainly brief, and in a dream sequence layered with much to analyze - the Omega symbol, Parademons - it's easy to recognize how the cameo went unnoticed in the two years since the film's release.

Whether or not Snyder's voice occurring here is meant to have a deeper meaning is not clear. The brevity of the director's Vero exchange makes it difficult to know if there is much beyond the surface or if it is a simple cameo appearance. However, with Snyder's interest in hidden messages, foreshadowing, and metaphoric imagery, it's certainly curious to hear his voice within Bruce Wayne's dream, deceiving The Dark Knight in order to bring him to The Man of Steel. He appears as the figure who brings the two heroes together to confront each other - at least in this scene. Fans of Snyder should have some meta layers to explore there.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero (via Reddit)

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