Zack Snyder Lights The Bat Signal in New Justice League Photos

Justice League - Bat-signal and Gordon (J.K. Simmons)

More behind-the-scenes photos from Justice League continue to hit the internet courtesy of Zack Snyder. The director of the upcoming film has helped promote the film by sharing photos taken during principal photography prior to stepping away.

Marketing for Justice League is officially in high gear as the cast kicks off a global press tour starting with China last week. Stateside, although Snyder won't be doing any press activities for the movie, the filmmaker is relentless in keeping fans hyped -- giving them a special look at what went down during the making Warner Bros.' superhero team-up project.

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Once again taking to his official Vero account (via Batman News), Snyder has posted a slew of new shots from the set of  Justice League, including one that features a closer look at the movie's version the Bat signal. Based on what we have seen so far in trailers, the scene being filmed at that time could be the one that includes J.K. Simmons' iteration of Commissioner Jim Gordon where he tries to arrange a meeting with Batman. Or it could also be when the team huddles with Gordon on the rooftop after Bruce Wayne receives his call and decides to show up. Whatever it is, the BTS offers a clearer shot of the practical prop used for the Bat signal amidst a backdrop of green screens. Check out the cool pics below:

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Other notable images included in Snyder's latest gallery feature a new profile of Aquaman, as well as several production photos with Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck during one of Batman and Aquaman's earlier conversations. From its outdoor setting (and the trailers), the sequence is presumably during the Wayne's continued recruitment of Arthur Curry to join the League. Snyder was also in several of the shots, including him in the middle of directing a scene and posing in front of Batman's Batmobile.

Snyder's newest new batch of photos comes just in time for Batman week. Justice League's marketing has adopted a weekly character format where one member of the team gets a huge marketing push for seven days leading up to the film's release. Aquaman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg have all gotten their own respective weeks, now, it's time for the Caped Crusader to step into the spotlight. On top of the filmmaker's pics, a bumper ad that highlights the "evolution of a new Batman" was also released.

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Source: Vero (Batman News)

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