Zack Snyder Wants to Take 300 Sequels Beyond Ancient Greece

Zack Snyder has ideas for new 300 sequels, but they involve a major relocation from the ancient Greece setting of the first two films.

Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles in '300: Rise of an Empire'

The original 300 was a major hit, with its unique visual style capturing the attention of audiences beyond those of the comic that inspired it. Its sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, didn't fare as well but at least showed it was possible to carry on with the 300 concept even without the first film's cast -- or even its director. And now, speaking at the press junket for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder was asked whether there could be more 300 sequels at some point. He revealed that there have been discussions about it, though the setting may move away from ancient Greece.

Snyder recently mentioned he wanting to make a 300-style film about George Washington during the Revolutionary War. This apparently isn't the only 300-like movie that's been considered, either. When asked whether he thought there would be another 300 film, he responded:

"There may be. There may be. We’ve been talking a lot about sort of different incarnations of 300. We’ve been talking about is there a way, possibly, we move out of Ancient Greece and use it as a framing device for other conflicts that happened throughout history.

I think I mentioned that we talked about the Revolutionary War version, and we talked about the Alamo, and we’ve talked about there’s a battle in China, a “Lost Legion” kind of concept, any of those kinds of things are on the table."

The Alamo Zack Snyder
It's like this, but with less color and more bullet time.

The conflicts in question match the original 300 in theme, with a small force taking on a larger enemy. There are conflicts throughout history that could fit into this theme, though some would work better in the 300-style than others. Framing the story in time periods that have rifles and other guns could be interesting, though one might question how well the memorable effects of 300 would work at the Alamo, without delving too far into overused concepts like bullet time.

Assuming the studio thinks there's a market for it, it's possible 300 could live on as a thematic franchise, even if the potential new films aren't directly related to the original. Some of the movies could be pretty amazing; just imagine a 300-style film about the Battle of Stalingrad that focused on the platoon that held Pavlov's House for 60 days against the Wehrmacht. On the flip side of that, though, the franchise could quickly reach a saturation point and start to tank before it even delved into some of the more interesting but lesser-known battles.

Of course, this all assumes Snyder will have time to develop these films on top of his current commitments to the DC Extended Universe. Despite some rumors, he still appears committed to the upcoming Justice League films and may be retained for additional DC work after that. While he didn't direct Rise of an Empire, he did co-write and produce it. Moving forward with 300-style pseudo-sequels might require him relinquishing even more control over those ideas, or else fans could have several years to wait.

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Source: Collider

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