Zachary Levi Responds to Padded Shazam Costume Claims with Workout Photo

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Zachary Levi claps back at Shazam! suit critics regarding him wearing a padded costume.  Promising a family-friendly, lighter-toned flick than past DC films, the upcoming Warner Bros./DCFilms project directed by Annabelle: Creation helmer David F. Sandberg will officially introduce Asher Angel as young Billy Batson, who's able to transform himself into a superhero by uttering the magic word: "Shazam!". Playing his alter-ego is Thor actor, Levi, who has not had the best time with regard to people commenting about his movie suit thus far.

Back in March, a barrage of raw photos and videos from the set of the upcoming Warner Bros.' superhero flick arrived online offering fans their first look at the titular character's ensemble. While some pointed out that it's best to wait for official character images from the studio, others couldn't help but form their own thoughts on the costume. And since the company continues to remain mum about the situation with no signs of the much-clamored for PR shots coming anytime soon, the online debate continues regarding Levi's Shazam! costume.

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Taking to his official Instagram account, Levi posted a photo of himself during a workout session that effectively squashes critics' claim that it's his padded suit that makes him look all buff for his upcoming superhero role. While the actor didn't straightforwardly comment on his detractors' negative opinion of him, his witty caption detailing all the hard work he's put into the last few months to achieve his body, coupled with the image to prove it are enough to shut them all up. Check out his post below:

This is not the first time that Levi clapped back at Shazam! suit critics. Earlier this month he had some strong words for those who have already passed judgement on the ensemble without even seeing it properly via an official look. He defended the costume by saying that he personally liked it and asked everyone to reserve their opinions until Warner Bros. rolls out the much-anticipated first PR photos for the characters. If anything, it's better to wait for the movie's first teaser to see how the garb looks in action as it might actually appear more nifty than just in a promo still.

Less than a year before Shazam! rolls out in theaters, it's curious what's holding up the release of the official character shots. Sandberg has teased that the reveal is “right around the corner”  way back in February, just weeks after they commenced principal photography. The project has been filming for a few months now, and leaked set images have already made the rounds online, so there doesn't seem to be an apparent reason for Warner Bros. to not debut the PR photos - unless they're waiting for the proper venue to unveil the aforementioned pics such as San Diego Comic-Con. Then again, with low quality paparazzi shots as the only visual reference fans currently have for the suit, the least the company can do is drop the snaps already, because it looks a bit bad that Levi has to keep defending himself and the suit on his own.

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