Zac Efron Is Johnny Quest; Film May Get Different Title

High School Musical star Zac Efron has signed onto the dotted line for the long-in-development Johnny Quest movie opposite Dwayne "The Rock "Johnson. Johnson would play action man Race Bannon. But there's a catch - the film might not actually be called Johnny Quest!

"What?!" I hear you say - "Why?"

Well the head honchos at Warner Bros. are afraid that last year's "über-bomb" Speed Racer may have tainted the vintage cartoon-to-movie conveyer belt.

And if you think that's bad, there's more.

Johnny Quest is a sort of young James Bond / Indiana Jones cartoon series from the 1960's where young Johnny followed his father on all sorts of amazing adventures. The series was rebooted in the 1990's where they upped Johnny's age from 11 to 14. Not bad going over the course of thirty years if you ask me.

In the original series, Johnny Quest is an 11 year old boy, in the reboot he was 14. Efron is 21. That age may work for playing a 17 year old- but he's going to need some serious makeup and soft focus lenses to try and make him look 11.

To be honest with you Efron's age doesn't irk me at all. In fact, as much as I hate Efron (I haven't seen him in anything and 17 Again ain't going to change that), I feel that this is a smart move. Firstly, I hate kids in movies. When movies shoe-horn children into the plot for kid appeal they ruin them. Prime examples being The Mummy Returns and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Secondly, it'll make the action romp slightly more believable. I know, I know - it's a cartoon, but come on, kids in action movies just seem stupid. It worked in Home Alone and that's it.

So if Warner Bros. does change the title what will it be, Quest, Here's Johnny? I reckon that they'll keep it in the end - after all, why bother remaking an existing property at all if you aren‘t going to use its name. If it came down to it then I imagine that the studio will probably go the way of Treehouse Gang and The Goonies.

Whatever the case, it looks like Efron really is trying to detach himself from the singing and dancing 'tween star persona that he currently has. Efron recently dropped out of the Footloose remake for that very reason. Hanging with Dwayne Johnson may just help him- and it'll give him a viable movie franchise if the film strikes gold at the box office.

Efron will next be seen opposite (as) Matthew Perry in 17 Again, which opens this weekend. Dwayne Johnson is at a cinema near you (probably) in Race to Witch Mountain.

Source: LA Times

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