Z Nation Season 4 Trailer & Art: It’s Good to Be Alive

The Z Nation season 4 trailer and key art has arrived, teasing the upcoming return of Syfy’s zombie comedy series. After the Z Nation season 3 finale left fans with more questions than answers, the show’s season 4 premiere comes hotly anticipated. There isn’t long left to wait, given that Z Nation season 4 kicks off on Syfy tonight (at the time of writing).

As season 4 has approached, many characters’ fates were left unknown, which only served to stoke the hype-flames up to heady new heights. Meanwhile, Joseph Gatt, the newest addition to the Z Nation cast, has been talking up the show’s return. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, he said, “I’m left really excited as to where Karl [Schaefer, showrunner] and the gang are going to take season 4. Live or die, it’ll be fun to see what adventures await the survivors.” 

And now fans can clap eyes on the Z Nation season 4 key art (below) and the trailer (above), both of which blend the show’s signature playful tone with some more serious elements. “It’s good to be alive”, the artwork explains, while the trailer teases lots of action, and promises “bigger balls”.

While the key art is eye-catching and would look great on a wall, the trailer is far more revealing. It begins in the Zona, giving fans a look at this “zombie-free playground for billionaires”, which makes other post-apocalyptic communities – like The Sanctuary from The Walking Dead – look like small fries. Murphy (Keith Allan) and Warren (Robert Smith) seem to start the season in their idyllic rich people’s club. But it remains to be seen how long they will stay, and what will be the exact motivation for their departure.

However, the end of the trailer is even more intriguing than the start, because Warren is clearly having visions. The colorful contents of her head suggest a new approach to battling the undead – with fire instead of bullets. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, as the gang face off against new threats and attempt to locate the President of the United States. In amongst all that, the giant zombie ball looks to be a show-stopping comedy/action moment – how will the gang escape from that one?

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Z Nation returns to Syfy on September 29. Alongside Allan, Gatt, and Smith, the show also stars DJ Qualls, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Emilio Rivera, and Matt Cedeño.

Source: Syfy

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